Domino Golfing with @Hannahdaviesgolf

#ClubFaceUk #shorts

Welcome to Domino Golf
Let’s see who wins…


Go check out @Hannahdaviesgolf


10 Replies to “Domino Golfing with @Hannahdaviesgolf”

  1. Killunova says:

    Hey a new person

  2. Judge_Ohio says:

    Or, use illegal clubs and play a round and update us every hole!!

  3. Judge_Ohio says:

    Use a spinner to pick what club you have to use for a hole and your dad can use whatever, but you have to do it on a par 5…

  4. Zalapski says:

    Question (novice golfer here): do people not wear golf shoes anymore? Seems like most people I see on YouTube just wear sneakers. (I’ve always thought golf shoes to be kind of goofy if you’re not competing.

  5. Why do I never see a Hannah on the course

  6. I just want to thank you so much I’ve tried your tutorials on how to square your driver on impacts and oh man it helped so much thx man your definitely getting a sub tell your dad I said hi! 😉

  7. Mitch Attley says:

    Please do soccer golf

  8. Love the golf vids 👍

  9. Play putter only on a par 5😂

  10. DragonMC says:

    Your the best source of entertainment

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