DON’T Make This Mistake #golf #golftips #golfdrills

6 Replies to “DON’T Make This Mistake #golf #golftips #golfdrills”

  1. Samuel Felix says:

    I think every pro have their palms pointing at sky on takeaway. Even in this video palms face the sky on transition to downswing. Not sure what the tip is here.

  2. big e says:

    One of the best tips I’ve ever gotten and it fixed my swing immediately tysm

  3. Jeff Sartor says:

    Took me a long time to fix this

  4. Drew Ingles says:

    You will see a “golf tip” telling you to do everything under the sun. A tour pro could do a tutorial and someone would make a believable clip explaining how doing the exact opposite would help “lower ur score”

  5. Dakota says:

    Delete this garbage

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