Don't SKIP THIS, Broadhead Tuning (start here)

Don’t SKIP THIS, Broadhead Tuning (start here)..Tim Connor and Josh Jones of Podium Archery go through Tim’s Hoyt VTM 34 and get it broadhead tuned. This is a how to video on the broadhead tuning process and how important it is to get your bow completely ready for season. Get your bow broadhead tuned up. #archery #3darchery

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20 Replies to “Don't SKIP THIS, Broadhead Tuning (start here)”

  1. Tim Connor says:

    Headed out for the first big hunt of the year.. hope you all are getting dialed in and feeling confident heading into the Fall.. I’ll be off the grid for a bit.. appreciate y’all!! ✊🏹 now go shoot your bow

  2. Isn't the shot factored in? He's not a machine. He's guaranteed to not hit the same spot.

  3. Chris Bowman says:

    Nice video! Tim's arrow looks a little short for my taste. Broadhead ist right behind his fingers. If there is a failure of the rest or your drawing in a hurry and arrow bounces of the rest, thats may be very bad. I like hunting arrows a little longer.

  4. Ash Gagne says:

    Clean design and a sharp tip which is crucial. Many mechanicals don't have a sharp tip. Like Rage NC.
    They need to be hand shapered.
    That's what I do, and the blades.

  5. Allen r says:

    Tell Mfjj to shorten that draw length up a good half inch..

  6. czardog69 says:

    Got to love the shank

  7. So upon doing my broadhead tuning I’ve got 4 arrows that shoot within 2/3in of my field point. 2 others with the broadhead do not group AT ALL. Rip tko , same fletching everything.

  8. David Howie says:

    What 100 grain Hades head would you shoot out of 50 lbs bow?

  9. Vu Le says:

    I thought you were running the dialed arxos? Why did you switch

  10. DirtyOrr#4 says:

    No more hand held release Tim? This clears up a lot of confusion on this process. After this there should be no reason to tweak the sight at all if its already dialed in previously?

  11. jrod says:

    I went the bareshaft route just for the sake of shooting my broadheads less. I got the bareshaft paper tare down to a quater inch. First shot with the broadhead came out an inch low at 30 yards. So both definitely work

  12. John Cannady says:

    I will have my airline tickets ready when you reach 100k! 👊

  13. adam bizier says:

    Keep up the good work not easy for anybody like us been struggling for cupples days with that fuc**** broadhead tuning and deal with wind

  14. Mybowshop says:

    There are so many catch phrases and buzz words in the sport now that it is "popular". Focus on the BASICS, like paper tuning. From the engineers at several companies I have worked with since about the same time Josh started his store, a bow is either in tune or it is out of tune. There is no such thing as "Super tuning". Spend your hard earned money on lessons on how to properly hold your bow, anchor, and build the right arrow for the bow you are using. Then go shoot. Josh said to comment below…I would comment on Tim's grip being a hair too deep into the center of his palm.

    By the way Josh, I can't tell you how many times I have repeated what you said on the whiteboard in forums, only to have keyboard pros tell me I am wrong… Thanks for the confirmation. On a side note, that white dot Tim is shooting at is a lot bigger than his sight pin at 20 yards, maybe a smaller point of aim (black dot or white sticker) on that target could help him to aim more precisely.

  15. wrobo61 says:

    Thanks for the video!Keep up the good work!

  16. Human Person says:

    Man that shop is amazing. I wish it was my local.

  17. Cool! Next time, try to shoot the bareshaft from 20m instead of broadhead, you will set it up even more accurately.Even better with 30m if you can.(Paige Pierce shoots a bareshaft from 60 yards by the way)

  18. Just did the same thing today lol. Great video Tim and good shooting!

  19. BT.MediaCT says:

    Litterally battling these things now and these are great nuggets! I'm headed to the bow shop in the am, but now i have a feeling i know exactly what i need them to check. Good luck on the hunt and thanks for the vid.

  20. Ryan says:

    Good video, great info but you guys are splitting hairs here. You're not a machine, there's going to be some human error unless the bow is strapped to a bench and every shot is identical. Similar to a rifle in a lead sled vs shoulder fired. Realistically, hit both in a 2-3" circle, move back, check and repeat. When you get tired, stop and take a break….

    That actually brings up a good video idea. Do a best score when fresh and once you've shot 50-100+ arrows. See where you're accuracy starts to deteriorate.

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