DON'T YOU DARE… Look past these £50 DRIVERS in 2023…

You want a new toy or new driver for 2023!? don’t look past this list of drivers to cover all golfers and bases…

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22 Replies to “DON'T YOU DARE… Look past these £50 DRIVERS in 2023…”

  1. Don Walton says:

    I have an XHot 10.5 regular with the adjustable hosel bought new. It's a simple affair with three positions, straight, a bit open or a bit closed. It's a 'rotating ring' adjustment, meaning the shaft (and grip alignment line) is always in the same orientation. 1.45 SF out of the middle, just like a five hundred quid one. It'll last a few more years yet. Which of today's offerings will be the ones to go for then? I'm guessing we'll be steering well clear of Stealth 2 drivers with their self removing face.

  2. Paul McGee says:

    For £30 I picked up a Taylormade r7 driver. 🎉

  3. Gard Havelin says:

    Hi! Love your videos! What are your thoughts on buying a 2nd hand driver vs. being fitted for a new driver? How damaging is it to pick up a driver with the right flex and hope it fits? I am playing a 2nd hand driver now, but «looking for a new toy». My hcp is 27.

  4. ross1b says:

    Sold my Stealth Plus this year as found it horribly inconsistent, bought an old 910 D3 for £60 to use whilst I waited for custom fit. Still gaming 910 after the fitting 🤣😎

  5. Rich B says:

    I’ve just paid £489 for my new driver!😳

  6. Keith Watson says:

    Simon l want to buy some sirxon zx4 irons any places you recommend??

  7. Brian Starr says:

    Great comparison video Simon. For £50 quid, you can't go wrong. Cheers mate.

  8. Bought a Titleist 975j this year as a joke to have a full Titleist bag. It literally carries the same distance as my mizuno st200 so it's now been in my bag since for $15 280 yards it's golden

  9. Used a 910d2 till last week. TSR3 was 17 yards longer

  10. Should be able to get the x2 hot for sub £50 and you can change the shaft for any other modern callaway shaft ( it’s the same adapter as every driver after it )- the x hot has a different adapter

  11. swimp15 says:

    Nice review! I picked up a TaylorMade R9 driver 460cc for $75, w/ stiff shaft. Big improvement from my Wilson Platinum Profile box set driver.

  12. Mike B says:

    I recently picked up a Cobra S2 driver head in very good condition for $13.50 including shipping on eBay. I pair it with a stiff Prolaunch red shaft that I wasn't using. It's part of a $200 beginner set I put together for my nephew who recently decided to start playing golf.

  13. Dr. Phil. says:

    I still have the TaylorMade Burner driver, bought it new back in the day. Also a buddy of mine still games the Burner. Great content as usual Simon. Congratulations on the Vice golf show sponsor.

  14. Mark Bean says:

    The problem is that middle gets smaller the longer you play it. Because we ask it to go further year on year 😂

  15. ady seven says:

    What's the point ?¿
    No-one with a swing like yours would buy a driver for peanuts.

  16. Simon, what driver might be a step up from the Srixon Z765 in terms of forgiveness and long drives?

  17. GammaCrusher says:

    Love your content, so good to show people obsessed with the new clubs, that its not really all that different in the end.

  18. Bought an ex demo Stealth driver. Being a leftie it had hardly been hit, so is as new condition with head cover and wrench £199. I love it.

  19. I found a 2007 TaylorMade Burner in pristine condition for $50

  20. Martin Wicks says:

    Picked up G10 for £25 this year an- have put together full set of G10 irons and driver and 3 wood for under £100.

  21. I managed to get a pristine condition Callaway xr16 driver for £30 the other week! 😅

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