Dookie Warriors pt.1 w/Gio Perez & Derek Drescher

We’re joined by the bros, Geo Perez & Derek Drescher, to learn about prison wallets, cocaine tales, and finding love in prison.

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Intro by Timm Daza
Music by Timm’s band, Mammoth Thunderpower


24 Replies to “Dookie Warriors pt.1 w/Gio Perez & Derek Drescher”

  1. Damn that hour flew by like a mofucka

  2. emccolly says:

    Yo Geo, listen to 50 Cent "The Kanan Tape". He did make good music after Get Rich or Die Tryin'.

  3. T S says:

    On the meat podcast he’ll yeah

  4. This is guaranteed to be very retarded i cannot wait ❤❤❤

  5. Another great ep with another great duo.

  6. Hey Mike has anyone ever said you looks kinda like Matt from Demolition Ranch? Lol

  7. M S says:

    Gio & Derek were more entertaining than any time I've seen them on RAP, I think Luis overpowers everyone

  8. B_rainpwns says:

    This was hilarious! Such a good hang with the boys and my new fav pod, On the Gate boyz. Let’s get On Percs to 10k ! 🔥

  9. D N says:

    On percs show was so good she OD from laughter

  10. Tim Tuesday says:

    My keys are on a lanyard. Does that mean I’m wigger adjacent

  11. BKZY says:

    what Iced tea are derek and geo drinking?

  12. Pat G says:

    Had high expectations and y’all crushed it

  13. C H says:


  14. I knew these niggas was gay! A 10000 blessings

  15. Dead Trees12 says:

    The collab I've been waiting for. DM and OTG 🔥🔥

  16. Lonerphone says:

    What a classic from both pods!

  17. 8:51 I bet Rainey would be good @ twerking

  18. artist80 says:

    DEREK DRESCHER and GEO PEREZ have the best podcast going right now, love these guys so much

  19. DBrey says:

    Dillinger was the bank robber, Derringer is the prostitute pistol.

  20. Derek has to do Lil Stinkers

  21. BigTeetz says:

    Derek sounds like Shuli did time

  22. jimmy hafo says:

    I coulda listened to an entire episode of "gay" slang terms 😂😂😂

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