Double Elimination KnockOut Golf Challenge | Good Good Cup

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24 Replies to “Double Elimination KnockOut Golf Challenge | Good Good Cup”

  1. Kevin Wither says:

    these comps are literally the BEST content on youtube- you guys all rock, amazing dynamism between all the pairings and openly, playing as two's for the Good Good Cup is pure genius…….

  2. Rhys Davies says:

    AJ with the baseball swing

  3. Are the bonus challenges/ point opportunities back from the original good good cup like a hole out and 30 foot putt?

  4. Team breakfast, cause they both like the sausage

  5. JACOB LELAND says:

    Did part of the video get cut out or what? You only see Luke and Steve’s second shot on the first par 5.

  6. You can see AJ getting more comfortable on camera each hole. Dude just wants to hit a good shot for his old pal Garrett. Wholesome 😂

  7. Steve is by far the funniest in the group I stg🤣! He has me cracking up every video! Love the content guys!

  8. RPthechef says:

    Is matt gunna stay on good good?

  9. It is a pleasure to watch! Thank you gentlemen, your content is entertaining, you bring the fun back into golf.

  10. waiting on the third video like🫨

  11. Ben MaStars says:

    I'm feeling like we missed seeing a lot of shots on hole two or am i crazy? didn't see half the lads second shots?

  12. Bobby with the goatee looks like he beats people at Pearl Jam concerts

  13. Evan Dodson says:

    When’s all this new swag dropping??

  14. Barry Smith says:

    Keep up the good work. Grant make shots and make them good.

  15. Kolby Clegg says:

    I’m loving these teams

  16. Where does the money come from?

  17. Mark biggins says:

    I heard some Steve and Kwon beef today

  18. c_ramdass2 says:

    Should do the playoff closet to the pins having one person from the team who loses the tee flip first, then a player from the next team, with the last person from the team that wins the tee flip going last!!

  19. JK 00 says:

    Ben must have trolled Grant on that video Grant had with him on his channel lol

  20. Evan Maines says:

    Matt shot the lights out here

  21. Steve doesn't even believe the putt he made😂

  22. Logan Ketron says:

    Garrett’s driver was lower than the “2 iron stinger”

  23. Scott Simons says:

    What’s up with the editing in these recent videos? Seems to be missing shots

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