Driver ball flight Golf

22 Replies to “Driver ball flight Golf”

  1. Bunt swing with a 30 yrd cut….. sweet

  2. icyycat says:

    Looks a bit right but it’s in play

  3. Ty Dost says:

    Slice. And please stop tucking your shirt in bro. You have potential. Be yourself

  4. says:

    Those trainers are like high heels.🤣🤣🤣

  5. Cohen Taylor says:

    Looks so effortless, it's amazing

  6. Dan Collier says:

    Your wearing your sisters tights again

  7. Mr. UNLIKEU says:

    Heterosexual Man rape trying to make me watch any guy with pants on that tight. Hell Naw.. I will never see anything u have in flight. YouTube STOP RECOMMENDING ME THIS SHIT.

  8. buglas says:

    you could hit the ball so much further swing harder and get into those legs big man !!!

  9. C L says:

    Sounded heavy

  10. Juan Sanchez says:

    That one seemed to fade a little at the end. But pretty straight drive.

  11. Samps says:

    I don’t understand why the sweats need to be that tight. Nice swing tho

  12. simon frazer says:

    Nice swing maybe use your pants instead of your sisters

  13. Eric Jackson says:

    Woof! I mean, nice swing…he he.

  14. Compact and controlled swing! I like it.

  15. Bid 123 says:

    Are those trousers or blue paint

  16. DCford2020 says:

    I’d like to see a lil bigger take away and , a draw

  17. Dan Jones says:

    Youtube . . Want to watch golf
    Me . . . No I don't want
    Youtube . . .here is some golf

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