Dude Perfect Just Changed Golf FOREVER with Rory McIlroy!

Dude Perfect breaks World Records with Rory McIlroy in Best Ever Golf YouTube Video!

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20 Replies to “Dude Perfect Just Changed Golf FOREVER with Rory McIlroy!”

  1. Tom says:

    Just watched it, thanks for telling us about it. I love Rory but that video was cringe.
    Guinness will do anything to make up any nonsense ridiculous world record.
    And all the dude perfect shots were into an obvious BOWL hole location
    Just an all around mess 😂

  2. WkndWarrior4 says:

    It was pretty epic. Love DP

  3. I wouldn't say this necessarily changed anything, they're gimmick records that I'd never think about again. Dude Perfect aren't strangers to a million views in 24 hours and their videos with athletes are marketed/advertised more on other social media. When you have that large of a following and dip your toes into the CPM honey pot that is YouTube Golf, I feel like that's just another lay up for them.

    I could be wrong but it feels like you think it's about the records rather than it just being grade A content for kids.

  4. I’m betting I could set the world record for most beer drank in a round…..

  5. Jkbone says:

    Rory is golf’s Greta Thunberg

  6. Who else is here after the win?

  7. I’m gonna try this on my backyard golf hole

  8. I was there and a part of this, it was insane and awesome at the same time.

  9. ktint1 says:

    It was a rubbish video, made for a 10 year old. Not sure why you liked it so much

  10. Lets attempt everything in golf that isn't documented on record and just click bait everyone for money 😂

  11. I thought it was a fun video to watch. Dude Perfect being Dude Perfect and seeing Rory let down his hair and having some fun was refreshing.

  12. You have to get the sandbagged to do it with you.

  13. Ross Lillebo says:

    No…..they didn't change anything. It's just a bunch of parlor tricks. Do better with your your clickbait tags.

  14. Dude Perfect has done it for a decade. Literally played the all sports golf battle with Bryson at Augusta.

  15. Chris1234 says:

    Obscure world records and trick shots with unlimited attempts are popular but really don't float my boat. In fact I kind of dread all the other channels jumping on that bandwagon. As others have said, Rory being in it prevents me from watching.

  16. Minesh Jogia says:

    Rory can break every record, he's still a douchebag after all we've seen from him recently.

  17. John Joseph says:

    May be petty, but I won’t watch because mcilroy is in it. Lost all respect for him over the past year or so.

  18. E.R Ortiz says:

    I don’t know if it’s going to change the game, but it is a pretty awesome video.

  19. hwkrs says:

    I dont know about the putter long drive thing, seen much longer than that. We should get one of the long drivers to take the record in a sanctioned environment.

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