Early Hinge vs No Hinge vs Natural Hinge

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  1. Randy Dover says:

    First, one, present day, suggested, waggle. I like the right hand on the left shoulder.
    Left shoulder/ scapula, move-away. Head/ neck, …gives, rotates, watch that beautiful flag.
    Right side clearing, …
    Pressure shift to the inside of the right foot.
    Bonus…. Pressure from the thumb pads, will activate…..some magic, …connecting. … the body/ arms …magic triangle…. boom.
    Repeat, repeat, repeat,…..until you can. ….forget it..
    But, write it, so you can, find that magic, …. again.
    P.S. follow this master of visual instruction.
    P.S. that head rotation, will put your left eye, in a dominant position, ….adapt to it!!! Keeps you in place , …to crush it !!
    More here, for another day. Fore !

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