EP 57 // 14 Biggest Misconceptions About the Golf Swing with Justin Klemballa and The Babes

The Babes Golf crew and I sit down with Justin Klemballa, who breaks down the 14 most common misconceptions about the golf swing.

“You need to keep your left arm straight on the backswing.”
“Always keep your head down after impact.”
“The club face should point at the target and swing across your body.”
“You have to improve your technique to improve your score.”

We’ve all come across these “rules” at some point or another. Listen in as Justin passionately and expertly debunks these newbie mistakes and more, all while highlighting best practices on the green that you can tailor to your individual strengths as a golfer, setting you apart from all the rest!

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Be sure you are subscribed to the podcast to automatically receive the NEW episodes weekly!!!


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