Ep. 79 The Stoke Is High – BIG HUNT GUYS PODCAST

Episode 79 has Brady and Trail sitting down to catch up on how preseason prep is going. They discuss the #sweatyhat club and …


9 Replies to “Ep. 79 The Stoke Is High – BIG HUNT GUYS PODCAST”

  1. Alton Cahoon says:

    Great job men. Really enjoyed this one.

  2. Wesley Moore says:

    Where can we find Trail's podcast?

  3. jer o says:

    With elk a lay up is nice. 👌

  4. AbatieBell says:

    What’s the name of Trail’s podcast? What platform is it on? Thanks

  5. ryan tanner says:

    I would agree elk get caught up on elk…. same with waterfowl hunting. I've watched plenty of ducks and geese hesitate to land and flare on a field of real birds, its not always the calling that does it

  6. Also, on a completely irrelevant note, can you put a badass bear design on a black Richardson 112 hat?

    A. The people want bear graphics
    B. Richardson 112 looks good on my noggin
    C. Black let’s me get away with not washing my hat

  7. I’m calling it now… Brady is gonna smoke a giant bull this year

  8. Steven says:

    Paul sold me an OG softie when I came to the brick and mortar on a trip from TX. He explicitly told me it was the quickest way to join the sweaty hat club. He was right. I got rings on rings

  9. Jonathan S says:

    Quit smoking weed. Lol, put that rusty pig iron in a bag an hit the pack. August19. Is here!!!!

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