EPIC START AT THE PLAYERS – EA Sports PGA Tour Career Mode – Part 63

What a wild start to The Players Championship, Let’s get it my friends!
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32 Replies to “EPIC START AT THE PLAYERS – EA Sports PGA Tour Career Mode – Part 63”

  1. Venom says:

    Did you complete all challenges to get all the clubs

  2. Steezy MTB says:

    The best favor I ever did myself was stop hitting power drives. The yardage gain is so miniscule compared to the accuracy hit it gives.

  3. love the content, full rounds for majors would be dope

  4. Sanakagy needs a raise. That “suck” during the Monster sip had me dying

  5. J. L. says:

    Losing that feeling of you enjoying the game and getting more of the feeling that you're just doing this for the YouTube revenue

  6. I think you should do quick, full, quick, full for at least the reg tournaments but all full rounds for majors. And I prefer to see a full season here. Just my preference 😅

  7. glen dawes says:

    Wot a cracking round 👏, why not play like that with alex 😂😂😂, I'd try different ways, 2 quick 2 full, 3 quick 1 full, but keep the majors all full rounds, whichever you do it doesn't matter to me love watching the videos really funny and hearing you talk smack to the pros love it keep up the fantastic content 👍😄

  8. Mike Silvers says:

    Would be cool if you created a mini golf tournament in 2k. Have a different course every round.

  9. Ea should add an option to play last nine or first nine holes.

  10. Shaun Walz says:

    You won The Players last season!

  11. Shaun Walz says:

    Yes would love to see the full rounds on Majors and then 3 quick and Final round full for regular events. Love these mate!!

  12. I'm sure I'm alone on this, but I'd watch all full rounds of this game. But I'm certain that'd drive you mad after a while. It's a satisfying game to watch when you get the full course experience. But for your sanity and time sake, quick 2nd and 3rd rounds would make more sense

  13. mattguogames says:

    Please continue the series

  14. Play full rounds at The Players and at the majors.

  15. The best round I have ever seen. Thank you.

  16. doug Stein says:

    On the course vlogs invest in a shot tracer that makes them much more enjoyable to watch.

  17. Ian Walls says:

    Play full rounds, please, on the majors, loving all the streams.what an amazing round 🎉

  18. Taylor vany says:

    do you drink coffee

  19. Taylor vany says:

    did u play football as a lad

  20. Taylor vany says:

    full rounds majors

  21. Ger Murphy says:

    4 full rounds for the Players and definitely 4 full rounds for the majors! Could mix it up a bit then between quick and full rounds for the FedEx playoffs.. "BAANNGG"

  22. William Pike says:

    Full Rounds for the players please

  23. Dubz says:

    There is really so much missed content with this game. Could you imagine online tournaments, similar to FUT champions in FIFA, where you play a full round against equal level players. The current tournament system is trash. You already know you have lost because someone has eagled every hole possible.

  24. Dubz says:

    Full rounds that correspond with the IRL tour. It could lessen your load, allow different content (IRL golf content), and give a good perspective of where the tour is at.

  25. gribby8 says:

    Just starting this video so not sure if you have done it or not yet but set draw and fade to highest difficulty, makes such a difference. Great videos!

  26. Johny says:

    Yes course vlogs in different countries combined with brake 82 😉

  27. Dave Kelly says:

    Love the content my man but you gotta turn on shot shaping to make things that bit harder 😁

  28. T P says:

    Anyone else not getting rewards for completing quests and winning majors? I will finish first and the checklist for the quest will just be blank. A new patch just came out and this still isn't fixed yet.

  29. Full rounds for sure!

  30. AAron says:

    Full rounds on the majors please.

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