EVERYTHING You Need to Know To Get Out of Sand Traps

In today’s lesson as a beginner golfer I get a golf lesson to know all the golf shots you need to know to get out of a sand trap. If you have a problem with bunker shots and have no idea where to start, this bunker lesson is the last lesson you will ever need. This lesson will include golf drills and tips on how to play bunker shots in every single situation. Subscribe and stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow!

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From Scratch to Scratch. Working with the top golf coaches, golf trainers, sports nutritionists, sports psychologists, and more around the world to take me from completely nothing to scratch golf.

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00:00 Introduction
00:42 My Bunker Experience
01:27 The Bunker Shot
05:43 Do this before going into a bunker
06:29 Setting up for a bunker shot
07:59 Rules for Bunker Shots
09:05 What is actually happening when you hit a bunker shot
10:22 How to practice bunker shots with drills
15:35 Important Insight about Bunker Shots
17:29 Mental Image when approaching bunker shots
18:41 Important tip about distance with bunker shots

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20 Replies to “EVERYTHING You Need to Know To Get Out of Sand Traps”

  1. Do you bow the wrist at all?

  2. Puneet Gupta says:

    Probably the best class ever heard wonderful coach great learning sir want to hear coach take more lessons

  3. Liam swaby says:

    Do more lessons with Mike

  4. utubesugs says:

    Thanks coach! Very nurturing. The stories are very engaging.

  5. The words hit down hard, that's like ah ha for me. Now I enjoyed go hit the ball out of bunker 😂 Uses to hate the greenside bunker.

  6. burlymugg says:

    Mike would be a little bit of an annoying teacher if you were paying by the hour and he kept talking, but he is absolutely ELECTRIC on YouTube. fantastic content, couldn't sub fast enough ha

  7. Jay Kamil says:

    damn this is great stuff – thanks

  8. I really like this coach. He's awesome. Wish he had his own channel.

  9. Jerome Rufin says:

    Check out Part 2 of this lesson here!


  10. Excellent tutorial, love that he took you through the complete approach starting off the fairway and what to look for and how to fix it. Bloody great channel mate, influenced me to chang my HCP goal of 10 to 5.

  11. Awesome video 👍

  12. Crit says:

    Please listen to Mike when he said at 3:45 that you like to look at the club face closed, but he adjusted it to be back to normal. If you have a closed club face when you are learning golf, you will be trying to adjust your swing all sorts of ways to compensate which causes bad habits. Get that grip away from being so strong and put the club face back to flat and you'll improve from there. Closing the club face does not mean you are going to stop slicing the ball.

  13. I am really enjoying your journey. Mike is a tremendous teacher. Subbed and looking forward to seeing more.

  14. Hilda Hudson says:

    Such a helpful lesson! Will definitely practice with the line more! 👍⛳️

  15. Glad you're back with Mike. He's the best coach you've had on the channel so far

  16. JOHN HARBIN says:

    B.S. all pros are setting up and feeling like they draw the ball in standard bunker shots. The cut shot in bunkers are specialty shots not for high handicaps

  17. Andy Hall says:

    Yay Mike is Back 😁

  18. funny person says:

    I realized recently that the first 5000 hours of me learning golf as a hack were just spend chasing balls in the woods and learning to master shaping recovery punch shots I’ll never use the same way again.

    I’m exaggerating a bit, but this underscores a point. Why spend a lot of time learning skills that you will make obsolete with sufficient accuracy? Just work on the accuracy and avoid bunkers and shots in rough.

    Lol. Except that is easier said than done. Even pros get in the bunker so it never is completely made obsolete.

    In a perfect world you only have to spend your time on the tee, on the fairway and on the green.

    In reality, you should prioritize those and spend as little as required to learn how to just get back into play from the rough, woods, bunker, etc.

  19. Golfing Fan says:

    I'd be nervous for the parked cars

  20. someone needs to mow the grass

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