EXPERT -19 QUALIFYING ROUND PLAY-THROUGH: Eastern Odyssey Tournament | Golf Clash Guide Tips

Play-through for the Qualifying Round of the Eastern Odyssey Tournament in Expert division – with the tournament wind directions. I will give you my adjustments and suggestions of tweaks and alternatives where possible.

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00:00 INTRO
00:41 HOLE 1
02:38 HOLE 2
03:22 HOLE 3
05:44 HOLE 4
06:45 HOLE 5
08:41 HOLE 6
09:34 HOLE 7
10:34 HOLE 8
12:32 HOLE 9

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21 Replies to “EXPERT -19 QUALIFYING ROUND PLAY-THROUGH: Eastern Odyssey Tournament | Golf Clash Guide Tips”

  1. Alex Duran says:

    Waited till the last round and qualified no problem. Great guide as usual…

  2. -15….thank you Ben as always

  3. Chris Carmel says:

    Perfect adjustments on H4 Ben! No practice, center cup!!

  4. I’m in first w/ -13 in my first Expert 2*. I eagle 3 even tho I was in the ruff on the drive. I dropped 4 in practice, not live😬. Super close on 5 & 6. I dropped 7 with Guardian 6 & KM. I was close on 8. Thanks Ben💯🙌🏻😎

  5. Andy Fuxx says:

    Why is at hole hole 1, sniper plus 3yards 34% slider? I seeing ur fringecheck video but i dont understand it 😢.

  6. Pazzo, G says:

    Thank you once again for the great work, only drop was on #6, but I just couldn't find the cup this round.

  7. Matt Boyer says:

    Another masterpiece, Ben! Not sure if I can play this week but I always learn (or re-learn lol) something from your work. Cheers

  8. Craneman says:

    You omitted elevation on hole 2 and I can see I needed at least 20. Everything as you said, hit perfect and I missed to the right by a solid 6+ yards. .

  9. James Davis says:

    Thanks for mentioning apocalypse 7. I just got mine

  10. Thanks Ben great guide shot -14

  11. Super upload yet again Ben – thanks for all your content 👍

  12. Heith Vaughn says:

    Txs BK Ben had a great round -14

  13. Robert S says:

    Hey Ben thanks for great videos, just curious if on your info if you could always include the ball power for each shot, like hole 3 where you changed from a p3 to p5, on the 2nd shot I was confused if used p3 or p5 numbers.. not that it’s a big difference..thanks

  14. Tom McDonald says:

    I had a 9.1 wind on a kingmaker with the +35 mid adjustment it never even reached the green.

  15. sara moore says:

    Ben, is 2nd shot on H3 using P3 or P5 numbers? thanks

  16. Another awesome play through, Ben! Cheers!🍻

  17. Vivek Likhi says:

    Ben on H6 a Lumi should work with Apoc 7 right?? Maybe a bit of extra TS to get closer

  18. MJ says:

    Great play through guide Ben

  19. Derek Wayne says:

    I am confused… For example on hole #1 shot 2 with the Sniper you say +3 yards is 34% slider? How do we come up with that number? The only info I have seen is this spreadsheet that tells me a Sniper 10 with P3 ball at +3 yards is 77% slider. What am I missing?

    As always thank you Ben!

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