EXPERT WEEKEND ROUND PLAY-THROUGH: Summer Major 2023 | Golf Clash Guide Tips

Play-through for the Opening Round of the Summer Major 2023 in Expert division – with the tournament wind directions. I will give you my adjustments and suggestions of tweaks and alternatives where possible.

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00:00 INTRO
00:40 HOLE 1
02:47 HOLE 2
03:48 HOLE 3
05:44 HOLE 4
07:39 HOLE 5
09:52 HOLE 6
11:05 HOLE 7
12:22 HOLE 8
13:22 HOLE 9
15:11 HOLE 10
17:10 HOLE 11
18:20 HOLE 12
19:04 HOLE 13
21:06 HOLE 14
23:09 HOLE 15
24:34 HOLE 16
25:23 HOLE 17
26:13 HOLE 18

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28 Replies to “EXPERT WEEKEND ROUND PLAY-THROUGH: Summer Major 2023 | Golf Clash Guide Tips”

  1. Gutted. Had exactly 8.3 like you on 17. Died just right of the hole

  2. Incredible work Ben. As always.❀

  3. Ben, per usual- epic guide. Main -28, two back 9 albies. Kudos sir!!!

  4. TW Streams says:

    Thank you Ben looks like 1st for me thanks to your brilliant guide much appreciated πŸ‘Š

  5. Thank you ben u got me a banner for expert im pretty sure i finish 3rd and very unlucky not to win i shot a 28 whit your guide and im 1 star…so yeah unlucky i didnt do better on any other group i think a silver or gold was mine but thank you great guide

  6. Maltor Mash says:

    Excellent guide as always and looks like I'm placing in a major for the first time, really close to a HIO on 12 as well, heart in the mouth stuff. Thanks again

  7. Phoenix says:

    Thanks a million Ben, -28 in tier2 with Apoc5 etc, in 3rd for now in a weak bracket 🀞

  8. Hole 15 easy tweak , hit great πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  9. jfarrell50 says:

    Ben, on 2 you say circle break underpower but on the video you use circle break overpower.

  10. Hole 16 I followed to the letter…in the drink 😳wtfπŸ‘€

  11. At hole 1 my fringe check was +10. I went 80% slider & was short of the green. +6 was 60% slider. What would have been the correct %?

  12. Muito bom suas dicas bk obrigado

  13. Vivek Wig says:

    #8 QB10… Right red touching rough is an easier reference then Β½ red in rough on left πŸ™‚ Dropped this one.
    #6… if not comfortable with rough bump, here is what I did… Navigator and RKT10, 40%@max 8B1L75LC (LC=Left Curl – Rt side of ball not quite at circle inner wall), blue cutting rough at bottom, 2nd bounce just inside fringe. Set spins, find position. Safe shot

    Excellent guide overall. Thanks Ben.

  14. Matt Boyer says:

    Brilliant, as always, Ben. Have a fantastic weekend.

  15. Billy M says:

    Brilliant guide thankyou, got -30 following this and potentially my first medal ❀️πŸ₯‡

  16. Mr05chuck says:

    Screwed up and watched another content creator instead of you that uses to many pay balls. Switched to you on 16 and got the eagle.

  17. yakdim qwe says:

    Very good, thanks!

  18. Thanks bk for the rings on 8 πŸ™ πŸ‘πŸ»

  19. Thanks for saying rings on hole 3. Helps a lot πŸ‘Œ. Brandon used to say rings – so helpful for us without wind apps πŸ‘πŸ»

  20. Looks like the back nine is the same as the back nine in the opening round from Thursday.

  21. Ben, on hole 2, it’s circle break OP, not circle break UP correct?

  22. Tony Harbin says:

    Thanks Ben, you da man!!!

  23. B G says:

    For hole 3, on the drive, do you use P3 numbers or P0?

  24. Benjy Sparky says:

    Thanks Ben! Peace

  25. Thanks for all the uploads as usual Ben – super help for everyone.

  26. tommania says:

    good morning and good luck in the finals – thx ben for your play-through πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

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