Welcome back to another Real Golf video where today I will be showing you a shot that I played at Wallasey Golf Club which was just off the edge of the Green with my 3 wood.

This is a shot that we have seen played extremely well by many top players including Tiger Woods.

Let me show you how I used it to get up and down from a tough position.

Thanks for watching, please comment on the video if you have time.

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30 Replies to “FAIRWAY WOOD PUTTING | Real Golf”

  1. Ronnie says:

    This is a great video Dan.. thanks again

  2. Andrew Natt says:

    Great vid, thanks

  3. The point about emotions is a good one if you don’t feel the shot then pick a shot that will keep you in with a chance

  4. nice to know you guys are human😀

  5. Joe Perez says:

    from fairway lies, I've been using my 23º 4-Hybrid. A bit more loft than a 3-Wood.

  6. I think that the tricky thing with this shot is length control. I have been practicing this shot with my one-length 4 hybrid and I putt it 80% of the distance to get closer to d flag . The face is much springier on this clubs. It is not a Hollywood shot but very effective.👍⛳️

  7. Gary Smith says:

    Very good and I frequent a fairway wood quite a lot,risk to reward is a lot better

  8. Joe Hunt says:

    Great video Dan. Love the detail you go into with the negative of a putter v the positive of the 3 wood in terms of roll. When you say it the info sounds simple but us amateur golfers don’t think like that sometimes! 👍🏻

  9. us youngsters lol

  10. Guy Davey says:

    Great explanation Dan, I would not even think of going to a wood, probably same style but a 7 iron. Perhaps 1 to try on a quiet practice round….

  11. Michael Long says:

    3 wood 16° always been my favourite club x

  12. Michael Long says:

    Im buying dan hebdodonb shares im gonna be rich

  13. Mike says:

    Gary Player has advocated using fairway wood and hybrid off the green for years…I try to practice these and hybrid bump and runs even on the range (just getting conract) pretending there's a tree I'm under.

  14. Tim C says:

    Excellent! Explained very well. I’ve used a hybrid in the past but have always worried about it coming off hot. Takes practice. But doesn’t it all? LOL Cheers.

  15. Paul Milsom says:

    Ive used this before, over a number of years, but not very recently, something I never think of these days, I must try it again sometime

  16. Loving this Real Golf series. Great explanation of not only how you hit it but the all important why behind it. Thanks for the excellent details. Cheers mate and too bad Europe got a nice spanking from us. Next time will be even more interesting. 😊

  17. Andrew Price says:

    It will always be an option for Lester, when he has given up with his putting, or thrown a tantrum and chucked said putter into a bush somewhere!!

    Great advice again

  18. Adam Flynn says:

    Not a shot i have ever liked as you need to practice as the ball flies off that face far quicker than you think. The same with hybrid's (tried that for a while without success)….my chipping is pretty solid and so is the best way forward for me.

  19. I'm a big fan of the hybrid putt, got the serious knee bends with the wedges

  20. Great video Dan. I really enjoy the real golf videos. Although, I’m always jonesing for more course vlogs too. 😀. Can’t wait to see how things progress on the channel once you guys are done with the day jobs at the club.

  21. Tyler Love says:

    It’s amazing how nervous I can get on the golf course just playing for fun! Have to be honest with yourself on how you’re feeling that day. I’ve used that shot in the past when I played a lot, but now when I try it I find it hard to control distance due to lack of practice time. It’s a good option though.

  22. We have a 3 tier green at our course so if I’m on the bottom tier and the hole is on the top one I will chip with a 9i into the 2nd hump so it takes speed out of the ball to try and keep near the hole as I’ve found with the putter I either go to far or I don’t make it so I’ve learned to play that shot and be better with it

  23. Here’s one even better. About a month ago I had an argument w my GF on my way out of my house. Pulled my bag out of the trunk at the GC and saw my putter was missing from my bag. I had left home near my indoor putting mat. Putted the whole round with my Sim Max 3 wood ! 😂. Lesson learned STOP while arguing with my GF AND REGROUP !

    Ironically Putted pretty good with it , even holed out from just off the fringe from a About 20-25 feet!

  24. I do the same but with my 18 degree hybrid.
    Shorter shaft makes it easier i think to controll the aim

  25. BigTuna says:

    I’ve always used this, it works! Practiced any week before I played a tournament at a links type course

  26. Julian Foot says:

    I remember Todd Hamilton (Troon 2004) winning the Open in a play off and he got down in two at the last using a hybrid to chip with. Always thought it looked a canny shot on a links course.

  27. Keith Turner says:

    About 30 years ago, all the juniors started using 3woods to knock it onto the greens, never caught on!!

  28. Barry Emery says:

    First time I saw a fairway wood used around a green was the same as you Dan, a certain TW, if it’s good enough for the 🐐 then who are we to argue. Also, a good option on a tight lie links fairway with no real fringe to go through, also for those of us that are not pro’s or low handicap players, would not get the amount of spin necessary to get the ball to grab with a wedge. Agree that by using the 3 wood, you would have more control as you won’t be hitting it as hard as you would with a putter, less chance of not hitting it in the middle of the face. Great video Dan, thanks. P.S. Hope this weather clears up for you on Monday but bring your waterproofs just in case.

  29. Travis G. says:

    Never considered it until now might try it

  30. Hi Dan. I love the real golf series. Please please keep them going. 👍
    So I use my 4 hybrid around the severe contour greens. As you said it – generates more ball speed to skip over the rough, fringe etc…. Some days I think it’s better than my wedges. All depending on the slope etc….

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