Fallout: Tale of Two Wastelands Pt.29

This Mod Loadout for Fallout New Vegas combines Fallout 3 and New Vegas into a single video game. You will start off in the Capital Wasteland like normal and play through Fallout 3 and it’s DLCs. While Fallout 3 will benefit greatly from Fallout New Vega’s(TM) feature set and additions, it will remain Fallout 3 and the goal of it will be to travel to New Vegas once your job in the Capital Wasteland is complete.

After you finish up and take transportation to Nevada, there will be a time skip. You will be shot in the head, reset to level 1, have your gear stolen, and start Fallout: New Vegas as the Courier. You will keep all Quest Based Perks, Cyberware Enhancements and so on and you can earn your stuff back by confronting Benny, the goal of early New Vegas.

Strictly in New Vegas content, the Living Desert and Functional Post Game Ending mean that New Vegas will continue after it’s ending, change based on your decisions, and the DLCs can be better accessed then as Epilogue to the courier’s story.

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9qQ3PJcmlrfff-rbgZZfioFrC9zwidqA

Check out Part 1 for the Mod List: https://youtube.com/live/69RQ7uMXZTA


5 Replies to “Fallout: Tale of Two Wastelands Pt.29”

  1. JCDentonCZ says:

    I'd be interested in Tales of Two Wastelands if instead of going from FO3 to FNV we'd start in FNV and be able to go to the Capital Wasteland – Cut out the Bethesda plot, maybe replace it with something lightweight.

  2. Dorvrith says:

    "We burned them with flamethrowers. It was neat." 6:06:40

  3. FeelingShred says:

    BG3 graphics didn't convince me… it looks like a generic Xcom clone and maps look rather linear… combat also looks insanely trivial… cutscenes "look good" but they take me out of immersion, is there a way to turn it off? hopefully…. but that company is known for not listening customers' feedback 🤣

  4. FeelingShred says:

    recommendations of people providing commentary on Baldurs Gate 3 who are NOT DUMB ????? 🤣🤣it's a content drought out there holy shit… please entertain me for FREE, pleeeeease 🤣🤣👍

  5. FeelingShred says:

    1:11:10 timestamp explosion (headphones alert) LMAO

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