Father VS Son – BIG Plastic Golf Clubs Hard Par 3

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These were the biggest plastic golf clubs I could find on the internet. I bet this is so much fun in the garden.

Does Mad Mike continue the WIN STREAK?!


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35 Replies to “Father VS Son – BIG Plastic Golf Clubs Hard Par 3”

  1. Stu1886 says:

    Still a lot better than me playing with real clubs 😂

  2. Eucliid says:

    It’s been a year daddy. Where’s the footage of golf ball pov?

  3. Wedge Wizard says:

    Why would they even make plastic clubs 😂 even juniors shouldn’t be using these, they should be fitted into some shorter than stock, probably more upright and lighter clubs like maybe womens clubs with graphite shafts cut down. Plastic is useless. You can find used complete women’s sets of clubs for super cheap and If you go to most golf shops they’ll fit you and adjust your lies for about $5 a stick and it’s like $10 a stick to cut them down and re grip. For $200-$300 including fitting and grips you can make way better junior clubs, and most of that price is labor and grips. $100 or less or free all day you can find used womens sets. These are a waist of money and time.

  4. Liam says:

    Please show the ball pov

  5. Bro got infinite golf balls

  6. Luke Merrill says:

    I’m still waiting for the ball pov

  7. Macca says:

    Where ia that footage?

  8. Play while using a high tee for every shot. Including on the green

  9. Play while using a high tee for every shot. Including on the green

  10. Play with kids clubs and half ball against your dad😂

  11. Matthew Cara says:

    Play with putter wheel golf balls

  12. B2B says:

    Where is our promised ball pov??

  13. Bing7557 says:

    Play with MMA gloves (5 ounces).

  14. IamKian says:

    Kever makes mega golf clubs probably 3x that size and it's hysterical to play with them

  15. Som_body says:

    Try to beat your dad by using the first lost golf ball you can find ( in clouding the position.

  16. Gavino says:

    How is it that you score the same with plastic clubs and I’m using nice pings

  17. Play with kids clubs and half a golf ball

  18. Play with kids clubs!

  19. Play with half a golf ball against your dad😂

  20. Alex Hall says:

    we need the ball pov footage

  21. Rivdogg says:

    Where’s the footage of the ball pov?!

  22. Hinxy says:

    Play with a glass ball

  23. where is the damn camera footage from your ball's POV god damnit

  24. jackson says:

    Play with a hockey stick

  25. BlockGod1832 says:

    Where's the footage from the camera in the ball??!?

  26. Play with lacrosse stick 😂

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