Fighting Minecraft's Most Difficult Bosses

Today we attempt to fight Minecraft’s most difficult bosses based on a game called Elden ring
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Huge shoutout to the entire team for making this video possible

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43 Replies to “Fighting Minecraft's Most Difficult Bosses”

  1. Socksfor1 says:

    sup gamers! sorry for such a delay since the last video. I really wanted to take the time to make better stuff. Please let me know what kind of things you want to see in the future!
    if you want to test future mods join here

  2. Coby Davis says:

    People who watched all the way btw great vids socks that was one of my favourite videos ever keep up the good work

  3. Pin me if you love your fans

  4. (this is technically a meme)
    Socks: We have basic gear now.
    Ally: I have no armour

  5. Scumnut says:

    You should play ark survival evolved for 24 hours

  6. Scumnut says:

    You should play ark survival evolved for 24 hours

  7. Blaze Mikey says:

    Aly=mage blaza=bandi tbh=paladin socks=knight 😊😊

  8. nieooj gotoy says:

    There only one thing we know for certain: Malenia is definitely the Blade of Miquela

  9. play roblox yeet a friend

  10. socks play garten of banban 3

  11. When do you think he will return to muck

  12. The god himself returned finally

  13. Load more can you upload more videos pls

  14. this mod is krazy

  15. Where is the discord

  16. Lam Yan says:

    Socksfor1 do Garten of banban 3

  17. Socks you should recreate the 1m Spical but all of the bosses you have to fight

  18. Why did it take so long to upload. We. Need. SOCK.

  19. Ethan.d says:

    When he said"there is no dinosaurs in the snow biome"he said slash backs instead of flash backs hahahmmπŸ˜‚

  20. Ali Kazemi says:

    i realy hope he uploads a video playing elden ring

  21. Whiffin B) says:


  22. Pia Strang says:

    Finaly my lost sock has been found wait is my sock plaign elden ring on mincraft nooooo

  23. Tina Hickey says:

    I'm gonna challenge you to try to simulate civilization with 100 players while trying to fight minecraft's most impossible bosses.

    Bosses and minibosses (their drops will be ul to you).

    Peaceful plains:
    (Miniboss) chad sheep.
    (Boss) lunar wolf hound.

    Scorched desert:
    (Miniboss) armourdillo.
    (Boss) zombified pharoh.

    Overgrown swamp:
    (Miniboss) Stone toad.
    (Boss) mutant crocodile.

    Abysmal forest.
    (Miniboss) wood golem.
    (Boss) forest knight.

    Prehistoric badland.
    (Miniboss) allosaurus.
    (Boss) tyranosaurus.

    Amethyst forest.
    (Miniboss) amethyst guardian.
    (Boss) crystal scorpion.

    Overgrown jungle.
    (Miniboss) gorilla.
    (Boss) jungle dragon.

    Frosted snow.
    (Miniboss) yeti.
    (Boss) ice lizard.

    Forgotten cave.
    (Miniboss) giga spider.
    (Boss) zombie brute.

    Silmy mountain.
    (Miniboss) slime guard.
    (Boss) slime queen.

    Ultimate outpost.
    (Miniboss) illager sorcerer.
    (Boss) mecha ravager.

    Ruined nether.
    (Miniboss) netherack roller.
    (Boss) mother ghast.

    Crimson plateu.
    (Miniboss) piglin samuria.
    (Boss) piglin king and infernal hoglin.

    Warped jungle.
    (Miniboss) fungus eater.
    (Boss) shin enderman.

    Bassalt wasteland.
    (Miniboss) bassalt spider.
    (Boss) magma king.

    Soul sand desert.
    (Miniboss) soul pirate.
    (Boss) wither skeleton king.

    Nether castle.
    (Miniboss) zombified piglin brute.
    (Boss) wither god.

    Deep dark ruins.
    (Miniboss) skulk serpent.
    (Boss) primitive warden.

    Ancient oceans.
    (Miniboss) great white shark.
    (Boss) cthulu.

    Ender space.
    (Miniboss) sniper shulker.
    (Boss) chinese ender dragon.

    I hope you enjoyed this concept and want to make it reality!

  24. Ishan g rag says:

    The end thoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  25. bsfsda says:

    this is just like roblox

  26. Horny Heavy says:

    Dude like your voice just "Manned Up" or Something What Happened?

  27. Socks for one your videos are good, but you need to make a face reveal of your friends on your channel so please do that❀😊

  28. PLEASE play the scape n run parasite mod. The best version is on 1.12.2 forge.

  29. domonis nerd says:

    Your a legend keep making people happy πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

  30. 7uyes says:

    The legend has returned

  31. serd says:

    expectations: 10:43
    reality: πŸ˜‘
    (based on squid)

  32. Blaza is now the loser hahahahaha who the worst minecraft player you blaza hahahahahaha 39:30

  33. V01CEL3SS says:

    Bro became mrbeastπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  34. How to killing mutant spider 22:59

  35. What are the mod used for this? I NEED IT

  36. 3rd boss is impossible 22:12

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