Final Round | 2021 United States Disc Golf Championship

Re-live one of the most exciting rounds in USDGC History, and head to to buy tickets to the 2022 edition of the USDGC. Happy 4th of July!

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42 Replies to “Final Round | 2021 United States Disc Golf Championship”

  1. Hi DGPT,

    We're launching a disc golf channel and would love to feature some of your clips in our videos. We'll edit the clips down to the most relevant parts, add subtitles, music, and make other edits to enhance the viewer experience. We'll give you credit in every clip and in the video description. Can we have your permission to use your content?



  2. Josh Jackson says:

    Love this course. Makes a great finish every time. The Luna is the perfect disc on that playoff gotta keep it low so it don't glide to far. My 180g esp meteor has same exact flight but 50ft further. Both super glidey

  3. Amazing!🎉🎉 Great post round interview, great sportsmanship, really looking forward to what FPO has to come in the future. Some of the most competitive DG there is, and so pure to the sport! Great win Sai🎉❤🎉

  4. Kobe Timmons says:

    With such tight races I think it's time to get at least one camera guy on chase card to show us some action from the people battling from behind. I don't like watching only the lead card getting invested into only those players just to have someone else that I didn't even know was in contention win

  5. dtowng420 says:

    Hard to make it through with the constant utube commercials

  6. Their coverage has gotten at least 4x better n the last 2-3 years!

  7. just another sport germans can do better 😅

  8. ninerknight says:

    I’m new to disk golf. I didn’t know you could jump when you putt like Hendell does at 2:20:05. Is that really legal to jump beyond the spot when putting? Seems that could really be abused if so.

  9. Austin Hogan says:

    Let jomez cover this

  10. Finally posted it dang been what 10 months way to be on top of it dgn

  11. dixiecupboi says:

    imagine being the loser that insists on being the first to say "gEt In ThE hOlE"

  12. Slackdance says:

    Where's the better format, Jomez?

  13. skurfntx says:

    Video coverage is so low quality one announcer is like "great shot" and the other is like , "no he shanked it OB." Meanwhile I see nothing and have no idea where the disc went.

  14. bcp5296d says:

    I'll never miss another USDG Sunday after being there for that. Pure Charlotte area wild competitive DG

  15. Hole 18: Has anyone considered the score may have been changed not on accident? It could have been a "oops" or it could have been an attempt to change McBeth's entire strategy on the final hole. I am curious who was in charge of updating the scores and why they haven't spoken more on this. At least clear the air because if McBeth went into hole 18 thinking he was ahead and lost it would have been the topic of conversation.

  16. I think this is a year old though.

  17. Steven says:

    Oh wait, I forgot GK Pro just put out a new skins match lol

  18. Seth Bogart says:

    Wow! What a friggin performance! Pressure presents real pros. Congrats guys!

  19. Chimneybum says:

    man, why you gotta spoil it with paul on the thumbnail..

  20. So now I have to watch a bunch of ads for something I paid for and didn’t get to enjoy live but it looks crystal clear now? I feel scammed

  21. I think I figured it out. 2× play speed on silent

  22. Clay Carter says:

    Great tournament but damn this a boring course. They need to move USDGC away from this venue asap

  23. Arnold M says:

    I can’t find any other coverage for the mens, only the womens. Was only the womens shown for prior rounds?

  24. The quality was roughhhhhhh. No exposure adjustments and pixels McGee

  25. NycR6Biker says:

    2 ads per hole on coverage they already raked on from espn. Now they get that sweet sweet you tube money.

  26. A. Lerner says:

    wait, whats up? this is 2021 championship?

  27. Are we going to get any edited coverage for this eventually?

  28. HnTR says:

    Terrible coverage and terrible company

  29. 2021? When this this take place? I thought it was cancelled last year due to COVID.

  30. Ham Burger says:

    Stop paying DGPT until their coverage is actually good

  31. SamBowen16 says:

    Love the coverage, but why 2 Ads per hole… Ruined the experience.

  32. StephenE says:

    BOOOOOOOO!!! DGPT should be ashamed.

  33. NycR6Biker says:

    Remember when DGPT gave the middle finger to disc golf fans all over the world so they could make some of that sweet sweet money from ESPN.

  34. Gentry Jones says:

    skip three hours of your time and just glance at the stupid fucking thumbnail. this is why youre not jomez. literal spoiler in the thumbnail. be better.

  35. Aj M says:

    Paul u a beeeeast!!!

  36. Aj M says:

    Philo I know u know ur stuff but man you’re borderline arrogant. You erk me

  37. Brian G says:

    3:35:37 Poor Uli 🤣🤣🤣

  38. BigGameShane says:

    Well, It's about time!

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