Finalizing A CRUCIAL SPOT In My Disc Golf Bag: NEW Discmania FD vs. AGL Sycamore!

Welcome back Justice League!

I got my hands on the new S-Line FD from Discmania as a replacement for the C-Line FD that I lost a few months ago but I also wanted to try out a very similar disc from AGL, which is the Sycamore. Both of these are straight flying or “neutral” fairway drivers which I think is a crucial spot in any disc golfers bag. This is also the very last spot I have to fill before my bag is finalised! Getting excited to have my disc golf bag finalised for a while. Let me know which disc you would bag down in the comments!

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26 Replies to “Finalizing A CRUCIAL SPOT In My Disc Golf Bag: NEW Discmania FD vs. AGL Sycamore!”

  1. jc says:

    Hope you hit the 2.5k! Very cool of you to do a giveaway. Good luck to all who enter.

  2. Corey Parker says:

    You may like the volt from MVP. Has a bunch of different plastics but I think the 10th anniversary neutron plastic or the fission plastic may be what you need

  3. Explorer.. or maybe go down to a kaxe z in k1 soft..point and shoot disc and in between a mid and a fairway.. good glide aswell

  4. You need the c-line FD. It's perfect. The s-line is too flippy.

  5. Clayton Rowe says:

    If you are looking for a little bit more stable 7 speed, give the dynamic discs evader a shot.

  6. csdthadude says:

    Don't sleep on the LSD Frio or the Mockingbird for a longer turn over flight

  7. Brett McHan says:

    I have barely got into the video and I am here to say….FD!!! They go so far and between an s line and a c line you are good!!!

  8. Ezdor says:

    The explorer is really good. Its less stable than 7502 in my opinion meaning it just goes straight and got a bit of fade at the end and not quite overstable like i thought it would be. In a headwind it get a tiny flip but nothing more than in the video. We ofc dont throw the same but maybe give it a try.

  9. I used the s line and Cline. Cline FD is probably what you need. They won't turn like that. I use c line when I don't have to power it. When i crank, I use the cline.

  10. ja.raider24 says:

    Gotta go back to the C Line FD. Once it breaks in just a little bit, it's $$$$

  11. Bill Herrera says:

    I use a Trance for this slot. My son had a Passion, but lost it and replaced it with a Trance as well. If you can get your hands one, they are crazy good. Hopefully they will go in regular production soon.

  12. Hidden Leaf says:

    Right now I’m deciding between the FD and Passion.

  13. Rushie Moore says:

    I currently bag a more stable crave for that spot. Specifically a clear proton plastic. Steer clear of the neutron plastic one though, stupid flippy πŸ˜‚

  14. Adam Hinton says:

    Innova Hawkeye or infinite discs Centurion πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

  15. Explorer, Teebird or Votum

  16. What you seek is the votum. Foot fault

  17. Matt Johnson says:

    This slot in my bag is the Streamline Discs Drift 7 5 -2 1. I would say I have a slower arm speed than you though

  18. Kade Ashton says:

    Get your hands on a first run or 6 claw Athena. Point and shoot for sure and not too flippy imo

  19. jared forman says:

    Paige pierce passion

  20. I think you just need another C Line Fd πŸ˜‚

  21. Mason Larva says:

    I’m sure you tried but stalker or Athena would be some other competitors

  22. Keith Heslop says:

    The battle is how much you can how much you can make from this channel, talking ….

  23. tamarz says:

    I have a Rival from Legacy discs you might like 7 5 0 2 I can get to go straight for most of the flight, who knows what your arm speed will do to it:)

  24. Innova Star TeeBird. 7 5 0 2. Money discπŸ‘

  25. Always first ☝️

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