FINALLY The NEW 2023 COSTCO KIRKLAND Irons AND DRIVER Leaked! When looking to buy new golf clubs you often think about buying the best big name golf clubs money can buy… that sometimes means buying the latest Titleist golf clubs, new taylormade golf clubs, Mizuno golf clubs, ping golf clubs or even callaway driver and callaway irons… over the last few years we have seen a surge in more affordable golf clubs making golf more accessible to more golfers. one of the biggest brands in the world that has started to release more and more golf equipment is Costco, the Kirkland signature golf clubs have taken the golf world by storm with the release of the Kirkland ks1 putter and Kirkland signature wedges… not to mention the Kirkland signature performance + golf balls… in todays video we talk about the brand new rumoured Kirkland signature irons and Kirkland signature driver from costco… are these really going to happen lets find out!



  1. Keith Avery says:

    Gutted I’m left handed

  2. billyboy5903 says:

    I enjoy playing a yellow ball so I'm looking forward to picking up a couple packs of balls.

  3. Ciaran Byrne says:

    I am hoping for Kirkland Signature golf apparel line. So tired of $80 polos and $120 pants.

  4. dave watts says:

    The price of premium brand golf clubs are ridicules, no golf club will make you strike the ball better, but the technology will reduce the effect of a bad strike. We had a member of my old club won a few bob on the horses, went out and bought a top brand set that promised him the moon, he still spent more time in the trees than Tarzan and lost more balls than the palace eunuch's😂

  5. Looking forward to your review when you get your hands on them James

  6. GenApathy says:

    I do hope this happens.. I really would love to try the driver, as I am currently in the market for a driver, but those $500+ prices for the big names have stopped me from pulling the trigger.. I currently use the Kirkland wedges, play the Kirkland balls, and wear the Kirkland gloves…

  7. GOTH ROSS says:

    If Costco just rebranded Kirkland to something slightly diff. Like. KS. Or K sig. and then. Are the logo and branding on the club less offensive. People would buy them I. Droves. The only thing keeping me from trying is just how hideous the logo on the back is.

  8. PD says:

    I hope he gains a few more yards and loses a few KG. Basically, large and short.

  9. Ben Burrows says:

    do you know when the v2 wedges are coming to the UK?

  10. Its great to see someone doing reviews on golf equipment that doesn’t require a second mortgage. That being said, I have yet to see a serious review of a brand called Snake Eyes. They have irons sets, wedges, fairway and a driver which is adjustable for around 150.

  11. Chris Ecky says:

    I like the thought of Kirkland clubs and will be interested to see them in November but what about a fitting?? You say yourself it’s important to get fit for clubs,, I’m guessing they will come standard lie and loft but what if ya are not a standard spec golfer?? What if ya need the clubs 2 degrees upright?? There are pro’s and cons to buying cheap I understand. But I do believe you get what you pay for when buying the branded golf club brands we all know of⛳️⛳️

  12. John Eccles says:

    To stop your dog chewing your skirting boards rub garlic powder on to it. They hate the smell of garlic do not rub loads in. Worked with my dogs. Good video

  13. Jim Sherblon says:

    I don't see the driver or the irons in the USGA/R&A conforming database.

  14. EvilClowns69 says:

    Even though I have a brand new set of Taylormade stealths irons which I love I’d love to get my hands on Kirkland set of irons I have a set of their wedges in my spare bag

  15. Tommy Eden says:

    I think it's good for the game. Most people I know that won't play golf with me say it's because it costs too much. Driver's alone seem to have doubled in price in the last decade or so.

  16. Harry Herman says:

    I didn't realise this fat boy was so short off the tee. I'm off 2 and I knock it well past him. 😂

  17. CG MC says:

    I wish they wouldn’t splash the Kirkland brand and come up with some fancy logo instead

  18. Dod Kurz says:

    Please compare inesis 900 driver vs costco driver at November 2023

  19. Ed Yang says:

    This is more exciting than new Taylormade P790 to me.

  20. MrBogieboy01 says:

    Its nice to see more affordable options, i has taken me almost 2 yrs to build the set i have from thrift shops, but not everyone has the time to scour the shops and look for good used clubs in stores or on marketplace… they do show up though, like the $40 2016 big bertha fusion 9° driver i just got this past weekend…LOL thank you marketplace for that one…

  21. I think it's really cool to find a good product for less money, I mean something people would really like. I'm not alone in thinking this, lol. Found a new Srixon glove the other day and really like it…new for 10 Dollars! Some of those gloves are really expensive…just like grips, shafts, etc. It kinda cracks me up though that a solid component brand like Maltby will get overlooked yet again… Cosco..go figure.

  22. They look a lot like the p790. Length of blade etc. I love what Costco is doing to the golf industry. It needs a good shake up!

  23. Michael Moss says:

    The only issue with the Kirkland golf gloves and clubs are they don’t make anything left handed. I appreciate lefty’s are not a large population in the golf world.

  24. Markus Hayes says:

    Would be awesome if a tour pro won with a whole bag of Kirklands.

  25. FiddleMyWhat says:

    I personally like playing the kirkland ball, idk if i loose anything performance wise vs another ball, but i also don't feel the pain if i lose a ball either. And the gloves are just as good as the big name gloves.. i do have the wedges, but for some reason i just can't get use to them

  26. rick petryk says:

    Kirkland alcohol is great!😊

  27. rick petryk says:

    Looking forward to the yellow golf balls

  28. MG says:

    November makes sense for Christmas sales.

  29. Firebird says:

    Which shoes are you wearing?

  30. tigerbalm says:

    Just got som Kirkland gloves…impressive soft real leather!

  31. Kelly Coates says:

    So, a complete set of Kirkland golf clubs from driver to putter would still come in at a thousand US dollars. 199 for driver 499 for irons 150 for wedges and 150 for putter. Verses major brands that's not bad considering their drivers are 599 irons 1300 wedges 450 to 600 and 400 for putter. So your looking at about 3 thousand or more on a major brand set I'd say that would be a great savings.

  32. Harvey Helka says:

    cant wait for your review of them

  33. Robert Smith says:

    I assume most golf clubs are probably made in China same as most things , don’t think wages have risen dramatically in the last ten years or even the raw materials to make the clubs , in fact the only thing that has gone up for the premium brands is the amount of money they are paying the top players to endorse their products , and marketing costs.

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