FNAF Security Breach RUIN DLC (Full Game + All Endings)

FNAF Security Breach RUIN DLC (Full Game + All Endings) Watch me LIVE on Twitch! ▻ https://www.twitch.tv/thegamesalmon …


24 Replies to “FNAF Security Breach RUIN DLC (Full Game + All Endings)”

  1. RUIN DLC > Base Game

  2. I love this gameplay and I am so happy that Sam is a One Piece fan like me

  3. Ky Senior says:

    I am the robot That give rid of your mask Would you like me to take your mask

  4. [PPEF] says:

    Not even close to finish watching the whole video as we speak but I'm surprised Sam managed to make a FNAF SBR video with full gameplay and all endings in only an hour

  5. Cohen Glass says:

    You can find rockstar Bonnie’s body somewhere in Bonnie bowl

  6. Kaysan Khan says:

    Hey salmon do another oblitus casa video

  7. Cindy Hopper says:

    You need to play this FNAF fan game called seven nights at gooses

  8. Nice video i love it

  9. Romy William says:

    Also, during the chase, there are secret rooms with suits and in the files they're, called mascot 1 (the elephant) mascot 2 (the bird) mascot 3 (the lion) and mascot 4 ( the one that chases you at the end of the secret ending) which is just an amalgamation of mascots 1,2, and 3. YOUR WELCOME

  10. Lucky Mouse says:

    The ending had me crying tears

  11. Romy William says:

    BONNIE is in the dlc you have to deactivate all wet floor bots and a room will open behind Bonnie boll

  12. Maori says:

    You missed a ending where you get scooped or soothing

  13. Gog says:

    Gregory just pulled the plug on cassie god damn

  14. You can get boine by truning all of the cleaning robots off then go to the boine boll and go to a specific one alley then go through it and boine is there

  15. Liz Arnot says:

    I beat the ruin dlc I’m gonna be honest I was kinda disappointed

  16. joey gies says:

    i hate that i have ocd i really do and sadly this is the i have to watch it's like i'm not complete unless i watch all my watch later videos god my brain feels like mush

  17. Nick Lerner says:

    Let’s gooooooooooooooooooo HE DID IT I KNEW HE COULD DO IT!,,!!,!,,!,!,!

  18. AaricBro. says:

    Sam barely getting the intercom tutorial at 44:26 and having it break a bit due to supposed to have it be shown back in Monty Golf is so in character for him to do

    Even if he isn’t breaking games, he’s still breaking game tutorials lol

  19. If you deactivate all staff robots the small ones go to bonne boll deactivate the that one next to where you shoot the ball it is covered but it goes up and you could see bonne

  20. Helpi bakes pizza:
    Proceeds to call it pie

  21. toiletman65 says:

    it burn trap but more burned

  22. toiletman65 says:

    gregory escaped in the true ending

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