Fragments – intriguing whodunnit

Teenager Kelly Ryan and her parents move to Pleasant Green, an exclusive village forty minutes from London. They are a nice ordinary family with plenty of money. She has a good education, never been in trouble. But two months later she has murdered a seventy year old retired Royal Marine. Why?


13 Replies to “Fragments – intriguing whodunnit”

  1. Quite brilliant. Atmospheric and reminds me very much of Ray Bradbury. A marvelous upload.

  2. Pleasant green was used in bbc adaptation, the lovecraft series. Listening with interest

  3. Ha ha what a great ending, to a griping story 👍

  4. Ange Rashid says:

    I hear Nicola Walker…

  5. Intriguing is quite a suitable description.

  6. Betsy A says:

    This is good, I wish my household would leave me in peace to listen

  7. Jill Burns says:

    Brilliant , thanks

  8. John Rimmer says:

    Fantastic, stick with it, worth the wait.cheers.

  9. Love the picture. Do you know the artist? Thank You

  10. This is sounding very interesting, thanks for uploading..

  11. Teda R says:

    Heard a few times. Stick with it. 👍🏼
    Recommend ☑️

  12. Mia Flett says:


  13. This is exactly what I need, thank you 😊

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