Frank Corrado on where Canucks rank amongst Canadian teams, off-season training for NHLers, Kuzmenko

Frank Corrado returns from summer vacation to discuss offseason training and how NHL players go about it, including when they’re abroad on leisure time. Frank sizes up the Canadian 7, as well as some of the draft-eligible talent at the Hlinka-Gretzky tournament, plus tells us about ex-teammate Sven Baertschi, who is reportedly retiring.

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10 Replies to “Frank Corrado on where Canucks rank amongst Canadian teams, off-season training for NHLers, Kuzmenko”

  1. G ross says:

    Canucks aren’t 2 stars away from making the playoffs

  2. Bentencho says:

    To be fair, Baertschi was always productive with the Canucks. He, Bo and Brock were some of the few highlights on the team when the Sedins were about to hang them up.
    When he was last up with the Canucks, he was probably the most skilled player on the team that's not named Pettersson. A constant pro, receptive to coaching instructions, etc.
    That concussion really derailed him, since he has mentioned that his vision has been somewhat compromised too.

  3. No playoffs sorry folks same nonsense same time same place same station

  4. Yea unless rathbone becomes a Cale Makar there’s no way Canucks go anywhere lmaooo I mean maybe there a wildcard cause of Demko but 1 injury on defence either Soucy Hughes or Hronek and we’re screwed plus Hronek hasent played a full season in career yet hope this is his first or atleast he plays more than half

  5. Canucks will be worst team of the canadian teams if only they tanked last season and had petty bedard and miller thanks Franchesco

  6. Matt03 says:

    Lindholm and hanninfan want out

  7. Skoal91 says:

    Canucks should be better than MTL, Calgary and maybe the Jets. One or two injuries and their done and they won't make playoffs anyway I don't think. They're a team that'll battle for 7-12 in conference and not make playoffs and not help future with middle picks.

  8. Rick Wakeman says:

    S&P have terrific regular hockey guests and Frank is no exception.

  9. The canucks are 1 or 2 injuries away from not having a chance at playoffs .

  10. Poss Man says:

    Playoffs for the canucks 😂😂😂 making me laugh franky carrado no wonder you were in box watching the canucks play

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