From 92 to 71 OVERNIGHT!

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How I shot 92 & 71 back-to-back at Pacific Dunes at Bandon Dunes

0:00 Intro
0:35 Shooting 92
9:00 Shooting 71
23:35 Recap


37 Replies to “From 92 to 71 OVERNIGHT!”

  1. Adam – you should try reading some of Joshua Medcalf's books! He is the club champion at my club (San Diego Country Club), and writes from the perspective of a golfer and a life/mental coach. From Hack to Scratch or Pound The Stone are probably his most relatable books and reflect well on some of the emotions guys like you and I experience on the golf course. I feel like I am improving on my golf journey as you are – taking more club and just going for contact with my irons and wedges as I am knocking on the door of a round in the 70s. Joshua took the same path to become club champ. Thought you might find that shared connection interesting. Awesome to watch you take down Bandon like this!!

  2. Great stuff Adam. Sometimes the flow state got me feeling like tiger woods. All cylinders firing. You were definitely on one!

  3. Caddie Doug has the laser eyes. My God his reads probably took 4 strokes off the card at least.
    Course looks beautiful.

  4. How to go from a 92 to 71 overnight: I stop playing after 12 holes

  5. Curtis L says:

    when he counted by his steps, and said 105 its crazy amazing.

  6. i know youre supposed to give every putt a chance to go in by missing long and highside of the break but geez you hammered everything a good 6 feet passed on every hole during your 92…

  7. eBreaks says:

    Are you recording your shots with a tripod?

  8. Wait what did he do on 7 to get 105 yards? Did he literally just eyeball it??? What a genius

  9. Jeremy Domin says:

    God his backswing is so bad no idea how he scored so well

  10. Dante Lima says:

    Doug has caddied for me at Bandon and he is THE BEST.

  11. Wonder if Doug is making a trip to NZ anytime soon 😂. Well done on the round 🙌 putting was almost flawless

  12. JustThaor says:

    Not to diminish your score, that is actually amazing. I ask just out of curiosity, was the course easy? seems so wide that it would forgive a lot of tree shots or OB. No water to run into.
    Congrats man!

  13. Jacob Berman says:

    Thanks for the content. If that swing can shoot even par, I know I can. I needed this

  14. Alex Morck says:

    have been playing to an 8 handicap for the last 6 months and my last three rounds were 88 103 105 😳 crazy to see how you are able to keep your cool when nothing is working on the course. keep up the good work 🙏🏽

  15. Tom Irwin says:

    Congrats Adam! Index must have taken a hit!

  16. Srekiy c says:

    I would be happy witha 92 lol

  17. VetteBills says:

    You’re nowa Scratch Golfer. What’s going tobe your new name for the channel?

  18. Brett Garden says:

    Lol all your tops and duffs seem to to 200+ off the tee wish mine would too…

  19. Sheesh bro whatta comeback. From bad swings to good breaks, this is why we play the game! Congrats!🎉

  20. Scott Grant says:

    Great series of videos Adam. Always enjoy watching what you put out.

  21. Mike PZ says:

    Key stat; 13-18 (72%) GIR. That's scratch level accuracy! Super impressive. Combined with 10/13 fairways hit, that's the formula for low scores. A pleasure to watch, congrats!

  22. Noah Shreve says:

    And just like that, for a day, you were a scratch golfer.

  23. Som Guy says:

    Grats!!! Great feeling carding a career round

  24. Typhoontimmy says:

    Might be the best putter on Youtube

  25. This is just the video I needed! I took a lot from your level of focus but also zen like state when entering the back. I’ve even par on the front a few times before, but I haven’t found the right state of mind to bring it home on the back nine. I’m either putting too much pressure on myself or am too aloof..

    Also liable to shoot 90+ on any given day so I like that you included your terrible round (although I would have watched it all the way).

    Congrats on the 71!

  26. It'sLev says:

    Awesome video and a huge well done. I can only dream, 82 is where I’m at.

  27. G Williams says:

    30 putts on those mammoth sized greens is incredible. It's been a while since i have had one of those "unconscious" rounds , but it's fun to see someone else get one on video. Great JOB!

  28. I don't want to comment on your first caddie, you know haw good or bad he was. I want to comment on your second caddie. What a joy it would be to play Bandon with him! Always encouraging and, like you said, he REALLY knew the course. I've unfortunately had a couple of bad caddies (one who couldn't give me the correct number if his life depended on it), but golf is so much easier when you have a great caddie! Most of us can hit the ball in the direction we want to, but doubt causes us to flinch at impact. Having a great caddie tell you with certainty where to hit it removes that doubt! Great roun, Adam! I'm sure you tipped that caddie well!

  29. Alan Poon says:

    That's an amazing round Adam and truly inspiring! Thanks for the great video!

  30. Hayden Redl says:

    What a series. This felt like the long awaited season finale to a tv series you’d been watching for years. Maybe that’s because I have been haha. Congrats on this great round Adam. Keep it up, excited to see where the channel takes you going forward

  31. Congrats! Great turn-around. Did you end up playing 36 everyday??

  32. Wait are we all going to completely ignore Doug double bagging with a golf bag on each shoulder? what a champ

  33. Alex Piro says:

    Hey man love the videos, just a question for ya,when your traveling how do you ship your clubs just on the plane or do you have another way to do it??

  34. Taylor Stone says:

    "I may not be a scratch golfer, but today I played like one." Nice round Adam!!

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