From Tee to Trade: Discover the Striking Parallels of Betfair Trading and Golf

Prepare for a unique analogy that will give you a clear objective for your trading approach: golf!

Like in golf, Trading is not about one spectacular shot; it’s about consistently scoring over all 18 holes (markets). Learn to adapt your strategies like you do your clubs in golf – driver, iron, putter – based on market conditions.

Choose markets that suit your strengths, just like picking holes that match your skills in golf. Manage your mindset, stay calm, and execute your plan to excel in trading. Join us to explore the parallels between golf and sports market trading!

Fore! See you in the next video! ⛳️

00:00 – Introduction
00:29 – It’s all about what you do over the longer term, not the next trade
01:56 – Vary your approach by what you expect to see
04:24 – Don’t panic when you get into trouble
05:11 – Know your strengths and weaknesses
07:06 – Have realistic expectations

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4 Replies to “From Tee to Trade: Discover the Striking Parallels of Betfair Trading and Golf”

  1. Gary Noble says:

    Completely off topic. have you done a video on this somewhere about how to cope with the betfair premium charge. Drives me mad, I am not a trader i place bets and keep them, winning week 40% stoppages. losing week you lose the lot. I am finding it impossible to come to terms with it. Sending me crazy.

  2. I have £10 ew on harman at 90/1
    Lay odds are 1.66 currently.. lock in a profit, or let it run? 🤔😅

  3. noname Asda says:

    Where you abouts mate
    It's pissing rain all day here in Cambridge:D

    Thanks for video

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