FULL ROUND HIGHLIGHTS | Day 1 | The 151st Open at Royal Liverpool

A local favourite, an Amateur Champion and an afternoon exception lead the way after day one of The 151st Open as Tommy Fleetwood, Christo Lamprecht and Emiliano Grillo each shot a five-under-par 66 at Royal Liverpool.

On a day which started with Royal Liverpool member Matthew Jordan getting the action underway, the course at Hoylake proved a challenge for many – particularly those who found themselves in the afternoon groups.

But South Africa’s Lamprecht, making his Open debut just down the road from Hillside, where he won The Amateur Championship to qualify, showed no such struggles.

With his imposing 6’ 8” frame, Lamprecht mastered the narrow fairways, swerved the devilish bunkers and produced one of the shots of the round to take the clubhouse lead.

He was joined on five-under by Fleetwood, who managed his best opening round at The Open as he looks to lift the Claret Jug and win a first major.

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40 Replies to “FULL ROUND HIGHLIGHTS | Day 1 | The 151st Open at Royal Liverpool”

  1. Soinas Doyi says:

    How does Cam Smith the reigning champ not get in a feature group and youve got JT whos hasn't played well in a long while out here shootingan 82??

  2. The Sepp Straka chip was 18 chip pass class AT&T the issue of the Royal Liverpool of the issue of the Tommy Fleetwood is not in terms of the issue of at Royal Liverpool of things…things of things of things of things of how one appears.

  3. Stu Pidasso says:

    I don’t see any liv douche bags on the leaderboard. 😂

  4. majones117 says:

    If the chip at 5:01 is not a top 3 shot of the tournament, that would be crazy.

  5. Masti Wochi says:

    Ooh my lovely royal liverpool

  6. Harman will win this.
    Mark my words lads

  7. Mark Travis says:

    Come on Tommy we are all rooting for you ,good luck…

  8. Story Babe says:


  9. Repent to Jesus Christ “For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.”
    ‭‭Colossians‬ ‭1‬:‭13‬-‭14‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  10. CooManTunes says:

    GOSH! These guys are so good at swinging a stick and hitting a ball. GIVE THEM MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

  11. MrFatuchi says:

    5:02 best chip shot I have seen in years. He really went for that bounce.

  12. Straka’s shot of the day. 🤟🏼😳

  13. Caleb Brown says:

    6:18 that guy got hit by Rorys beaver tail 😂

  14. I’m really cheering for Fleetwood in this one.

  15. william f says:

    I think for perspective there should be one regular player in the field

  16. This is the best major for sure. Master’s is unreal as well of course, but The Open is where it’s at.

  17. Tony Drony says:

    How bout some footage of LIV players …. Idiots

  18. 5:00 The ball hits the incline of the hill, ekes over, and rolls to the cup. Brilliant chip.

  19. Great golf here. Bit disappointed and confused that Pro golfers can wear a hoodie (Speith) at the Open but we regular golfers can't on a causal round at a private golf club!!! Not that I want to wear one on a course. Fashion's change yes, but smart and traditional wear should be a must.

  20. blair sim says:

    JT 12 over first round wow

  21. Those bunkers are lethal

  22. Lamprechet. That is a hideous swing.

  23. VK 🇹🇭 says:

    Just waiting for a top pro to put a chipper in his back for link course, higher % then putting off surface. Maybe just their egos

  24. Gopal Rao says:

    Shubankar Sharma was 3 under, yet not a single glimpse of him.

  25. Too many LIV golfers in this highlight.

  26. Anthony Kish says:

    Wow, these highlights are way better than PGA's.

  27. * 2111402 says:

    It’s insane to see this many long puts and chip in birdies within a day.

  28. Chris says:

    Harman has been piping hot

  29. Kyle Klontz says:

    Rory opened up a can of CHOKE

  30. I would like Tommy Fleetwood win this Championship. He deserves The Open. Been there in contention in so many majors

  31. Steve Winter says:

    How does he pull that off at 5:02? That was incredible. I was just surprised he got it to check up but then it went in. What a crazy chip that was!

  32. roger peet says:

    I watch this because there are no hacks. I hate hacks.

  33. I’m pulling for jordan but wouldn’t mind if jordan won either

  34. Is there anywhere at all to watch full replays? I don't care if I have to pay it's just annoying to be working and unable to watch any of the tournament outside of 10 minute highlight reels.

  35. TKozis says:

    Y’all forgot Hovland getting literally “shat on”

  36. Gary Tarr says:

    Proper golf !! not manicured fairways and huge greens

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