GM Golf Taught Me How to Hit the Stinger

27 Replies to “GM Golf Taught Me How to Hit the Stinger”

  1. RichL4899 says:

    Buddy needs to hit the gym a bit

  2. Dude aged 5 years in a year

  3. GREG BYSTROM says:

    I hate these golf videos. Everybody is good at golf on video until there is something on the line. Go try and qualify for a state amateur, US amateur, etc. And video those golf shots. Then you will see the real golfers

  4. megabonnar says:

    Can you teach me how to hit the crowd????

  5. Jay Hall says:

    Lol…. This kid has zero muscles

  6. doggin6 says:

    Who is taking advise from some 11 year old

  7. Paul Morgan says:

    If I want to keep it low I try to bail out early on the follow through. Tiger has a great instructional on this. Nice video btw

  8. Is this bro or dude?

  9. I'm going to try it today yooh bcz I'm high bhole hater 🏌️‍♂️

  10. FREDERICK says:

    Or just ask a newbie to hit for you.

  11. Sir Luco says:

    He’s right. I’ve also learned you should rotates your hips faster as well. Should end up having a noice stanga💪🏼

  12. Scott Bellek says:

    Come back out to reunion, I work with golf operations and would be hype to see y’all film a video out here

  13. mixter7x7 says:

    There are not many reasons to hit a stinger. In fact the only reason I can think of is to keep the ball low coming out of trees while still getting as much distance as possible down range.

  14. Davis Prodz says:

    G rat used to be a stick now he bigger

  15. What are y'all doing

  16. I am the worstest boy ever I met

  17. Ggf😙🥳🥳🥳🥳😭v check x to c Rd ddgxrxxxhxfl

  18. What is the purpose of a stinger?

  19. Alex Ramon says:

    When did golfing become so lame

  20. N@TH@N!€L says:

    True but I use wrist I am off +3

  21. tee-lee says:

    so jealous of tall lanky golfers 😅

  22. John Russell says:

    Nice thats good✔️

  23. Bust a right and a left at the alley

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