Go From Amateur to PRO LEVEL GOLF With 1 Tweak – You Won't Believe the Difference!

Do this in your golf swing for 5 minutes and you will feel like a pro golfer. There’s a key golf swing move that separates the pros from the amateurs – it’s the downswing. When you know the right way to move the club in the downswing, your ball striking gets to a whole new level. Gone are the days of inconsistent ball striking. It’s time to tap into the best golf ball striking of your life. This golf tip is so powerful that you’ll feel like a pro on the course. It’s a great feeling! You can get that feeling shot-after-shot when you do this golf swing tip. The best golf of your life is about to happen right now.

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I am Tom Saguto, PGA Member and founder of SagutoGolf. Thank you for visiting my channel where you can learn how to play the best golf of your life. Whether you are an expert golfer looking for a quick swing tune-up or a beginner looking to play better. I am here to help you achieve your golfing goals.

My mission as your swing coach is simple, to help you maximize your enjoyment in game of golf. Because, let’s face it, golf is a hard game.

My goal for you is to have the most fun of your life playing golf. You’ll be hitting farther, straighter, and playing better golf by watching these videos. What are you waiting for, let’s get started!


49 Replies to “Go From Amateur to PRO LEVEL GOLF With 1 Tweak – You Won't Believe the Difference!”

  1. SagutoGolf says:

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    Like 👍this video and comment below if it helped you improve your golf game!

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  2. Daniel Askew says:

    This guy is by far the best instructor on YouTube. His lessons turned me from a novice with basically 0 experience, into a consistent ball striker. Only took two weeks. Am I good? Not by any means, but his principles have given me noticeable gains every time I hit the range.

  3. Tom what kind of clubs you swinging? they look like they have some jumbo grips on em… you should give us viewers a YouTube short of a club check!

  4. Mr. Potter says:

    Awesome video….and there are so many ways to practice this inside when the weather isn't golf friendly. Tom……do you use oversize grips on your clubs? Just curios, as your video on putting your hands in the "Library" was great. If you do use them, does in help in quieting the hands even more? Thanks in advance and thank you for another great video!!!!

  5. John Carter says:

    Tom, do you give private lessons?

  6. Is the happy zone the same with the driver?

  7. Hunter says:

    I’ve really been working hard to maintain this Happy Zone. After I made a very slight change to my grip (more closed on right hand), and I concentrated on that right elbow starting in close, I immediately started coming easily to the inside and flushing all my shots. If you are in the Red Zone, you have to fix that or you will never enjoy playing this game.

  8. bob pues says:

    This is absolute GOLD…and so simple!! ❤️

  9. Tom is reavealing the "top secret" of golf ball striking – THE INSIDE OUT swing path control that many weekend golfers are not aware of.

  10. Randall West says:

    I definitely golf in the bad zone! My swing looks like this.

  11. garcul says:

    I could just watch you hit happy zone shots all day Tom! Awesome video!

  12. David GC says:

    Great video Tom I have watched this a few times one of my favourite ones I have saved. Stay i the happy Gilmore zone it works and increases club head speed thanks a lot 😊

  13. ELVIS LIEW says:

    Don't tell that to a certain miracle swing who doesn't want to stay in Happy Zone. 🤭.

  14. Thank you Tom! This one video helped my game more than a series of videos in a year long subscription.
    Enthusing and amusing you are a great coach! To the point and we'll emphasized comical points.

  15. Alan B says:

    Jeeez dude wear a cup, you had me wincing 😂

  16. Tom, what grip is on your iron? It looks awesome

  17. Tom man, I’ve seen many many instructors on Youtube who are way too technical and filled with word salads. The way you explain things is so easy to understand. Finally got to shoot 18 for the first time this season and used your tips I’ve been practicing with and absolutely lit up the course today. Elbow in, weight slightly forward and head kept in place on the ball have been the biggest improvements. Keep it up bud, appreciate all your tips and lessons.

  18. Chris Ecker says:

    You’re great,tks a bunch

  19. Chris Ecker says:

    You have been a pleasure to listen to and the manor of your teaching inspires me to be a better golfer

  20. thinker too says:

    Tom, I think I finally caught on. I went to KFC and bought a bucket of chicken and mashed potatoes and had the best day at the range……LOL. 🙂 But seriously, YOU are the BEST GIFT to all of us less than good golfers. Your analysis of pro Golfers swings, the simple training aids. The graphic lines used to explain weight shift, ball position, spine angle,etc , The Humor. (second only to your Instruction) have COMPLETELY changed the way I am able to hit the ball. At the range I struck an 8 iron and one of the other golfers at the range turned around and said excitedly " Who hit THAT BALL ? !!!!!. i just said that was me and went back to my practice session. THAT WAS THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE THAT I EVER HEARD SOMEONE SAY SOMETHING WITH ADMIRATION ABOUT MY SWING. Thank You. May God Bless You

  21. Ryan Turner says:

    Loving your videos Tom. Finally had a chance to try out some of your lesson tips at the range this morning and things are definitely more consistent. Proof is in the pudding on the course though. Can't wait to play a round with the newfound knowledge. Thanks and keep up the great work.

  22. Joe Jordan says:

    GREAT video Tom!!!!!!

  23. cody egan says:

    Just take a look at it

  24. Tom you are very good ❤❤Not tried it out yet but I see the Logic in it.. Will let you know next week.. Stay safe❤

  25. Tom. I notice you are using jumbomax grips in many of your videos. I also use jumbomax ultralites. I feel like it helps grip pressure and club face control. In your opinion what are the biggest benefits of these grips?

  26. Kelso Wilz says:

    I was at the range yesterday and this couple was there. Girl was cute in some short shorts…anyway. I could hear her giggles as they could hardly hit the ball. So I start hitting my driver.(I'm hitting them 250 on the land) She sat down and was staring at me hitting for a good 30 minutes. I felt like I robbed the man of his date. He looked at me like😐. Saguto Golf!😅

  27. Great message and graphics. But just watching you hit balls doesn’t help. You also need to make ur videos shorter, people have hours to watch ur videos. Short and effective.

  28. Denis S. says:

    I was at the range hitting 7 irons, which on average flew about 160. But every so often I'd hit the 7 iron 175. I realized this was due to focusing on keeping a good wrist hinge down close to impact.

  29. Denis S. says:

    In many cases over the top is the result of poor lower body involvement and a failure to, as Ben Hogan said, start down with the lower body and not the arms. An excellent drill is the "feet together" golf drill.

  30. jane raap says:

    Tom is the only person who got me hitting the ball !

  31. Bryce says:

    Tom, I need merch with your tagline that says "life is far too short to play bad golf". 😊 Please tell me you're on this already!

  32. Bob C says:

    The Lag Shot looks like a good training aid. I can think of a couple others that I like also.

  33. UnitFour says:

    Tom, I have watched many of your videos and enjoyed them all. This one kinda reminds me of the guy that went to the Doctor and said "Doc, it hurts when I do this, the Doctor replied, don't do that". My head wants to be in the happy zone, my body doesn't comply. I think I missed the "1 tweak". I need a downswing trigger that keeps the club head behind me. Is that covered in a past video? FYI, I'm upper-body strong (for my age) and also tend to swing from the top. After a long winter, I just went out for the first time this year and it was an over-the-top dumpster fire … Help.

  34. Mr YNWA says:

    Give a drill next time, not to think happy zone. That’s easier said than done

  35. Jason Velez says:

    Crispy KFC all day long. Top shelf,
    Tom. Appreciate your wisdom. 🙌🙌👍💯

  36. isambo400 says:

    Is the happy zone like the happy place from Happy Gilmore

  37. I do very much enjoy your videos, and you definitely know how to teach golf. I must say though… I miss the grey pork chops. They made you totally distinguishable from everyone else. They where awesome just like your videos.

  38. Hal says:

    I started golfing 18months ago and was overwhelmed by all of the free youtube content. I decided to commit to one instructor and purchased Tom's online golf school. I followed the latest updated program and dropped my score by 10+ strokes within 2 weeks. I can shoot under 100 now and drive 200 yards straight which may not sound impressive to many but I'm under 5', 95lbs and almost 50! My husband has no idea how I improved so quickly lol. The best $99 I've spent on golf. Thanks Tom!

  39. I am 77 since watching Tom I am playing from 90s to 70s unreal!

  40. Great tip great!!!!

  41. Vic Geier says:

    Struggle isn't the word, terrible game today

  42. Cheers 🍻 from LA !

  43. Tom,, man thanks for these lessons! Been experiencing more crispy KFC and mashed potatoes 🥔 since I discovered your channel a few months back 🙏 Keep ‘em coming, sir! Happy Zone 👍 Death Zone 👎

  44. stanmans says:

    Great video but is there a way to 😊practice to ingrain this into your swing other than watch you swinging away. I would prefer not purchasing a LAGSHOT? that you are promoting?

  45. Wayne Hill says:

    Excellent, easy to understand. Heading down to the range now to apply while it's still fresh in my mind. Thnx.

  46. It's amazing how your bad swings still look good, but when you slow it down, you can definitely see that slightly over the top path. I've been working real hard on that, but my follow thru has the classic look of the club across the back of my neck, whereas your follow thru has your club pointing at the sky…what am I doing differently? As always..thanks Tom…

  47. Great job, really enjoy the lesson 🏌🏿‍♂️

  48. greg brown says:

    I’m married. Don’t go to the happy zone much except o the golf course. Lololololol

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