Golf – Best Senior Driving Cheats

Golf -Best senior driving cheats.
Alistair Davies golf Uk Top 25 Golf Coach shares with you how to driver the ball better if you struggling to make a full turn. He recommends great cheats to maximise your potential. This tip is a great one for senior golfers.
Drive the ball better instantly.
There are some tips and cheats you can take straight to the golf course. He shares tried and tested methods used daily from his golf academy.
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Thanks for watching the video Golf -Best senior driving cheats.


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34 Replies to “Golf – Best Senior Driving Cheats”

  1. Pedro C says:

    So many are giving golf tips and coin it as Senior. Almost all the time it’s the same swing taught to everyone else. 😮

  2. Thank you, a nice tip

  3. ppm ppm says:

    Nice looking course

  4. JM M says:

    Thank you very much I love the tip you gave about looking 10 or 12 inches behind the golf ball that really helps me stay back in the right position

  5. Brad Lloyd says:

    Thank you so much for this tip, I think this will help my game.

  6. Alistair, will this work with a shorter backswing?

  7. Hi Alistair, Do you recommend placing the rear foot further back in the stance in addition to flaring the foot to get more rotation? I noticed you recommend doing this on another video for the irons swing.

  8. Elul advice thanks

  9. wskripka1 says:

    How about ideal : loft 12 deg ? , shaft flex – regular, senior ? Ball – soft / harder ?

  10. 1kjsessions says:

    One thing to which we never get an answer, how far should one expect to reach, i understand everyone is different but for as a 69yr and quite able can reach around 150-180 best with a driver, i appreciate the weather here in the UK is now winter compared to you but it would be helpful to have some idea to try and achieve……..Thanks

  11. BSF says:

    Thanks Alistar for the help. I'm 62 and just had a reverse left shoulder arthroplasty. Knee replaced in February. Got to deal with limited ROM going forward. Never had issues before but playing with left shoulder pain was too difficult to keep playing so the need for the replacement. Appreciate your help. Just subscribed.

  12. Great Al…got it an been getting fantastic contact with beautiful draw..thnks mate

  13. Alistair! Although I have been a subscriber of yours for a while, this is the first view of this video. As an "experienced" golfer, I always welcome tips on attaining more distance. For years, I have naturally played a draw. Rather than manipulating the body, I have always relied on the arms and shoulders and utilizing an in to out swing to accomplish my goal. I will, however, strongly consider utilizing the flared feet and a narrower stance on my set up. Keep up the good work!!!

  14. Kurt Smith says:

    Different, never heard of looking 6-8 inches behind the ball, always in front, will give it a try, thanks

  15. James Park says:

    Does this not encourage you to have no weight shift and hit behind the ball?

  16. Alan Goudie says:

    Thank you for some really helpful advice.

  17. I have watched a gazillion senior driving videos. This is the best.
    Create a mechanism to rotate the torso.

    1. 20 percent out rotation with the feet.
    2. Reposition address.
    3. Encourage knee bend in the forward leg.
    4. Settle for 60 degree final backswing which increases accuracy.

    I would like to see a video that explains muscle tension at checkpoints within the swing.

  18. Great video with thorough explanation of the thing us older and less flexible golfer need to do to swing the driver further.

  19. Hill Picon says:

    Correct golf swings have to do with understanding how and why they are performed and those things are evident in golf swing strategies , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it). My irons improved 15 yards and my driver increased 25 after I done reading the guide for the second time. My enjoyment of golf has doubled and my confidence has raised..

  20. My normal drive when I was beginning went one hundred fifty yards by slice. After learning these golf swing secrets. Now I strike drives between 200 and two hundred and twenty yards and sometimes much longer. My handicap has gone from a 26 to a 16. Look for the guide and try making use of it today.. I found this book by Google. Name is Logan Ballοyshot
    Take care

  21. Hill Picon says:

    Proper golf swings are about understanding how and why they are carried out and those things are seen in golf swing secrets. I have read through the book twice and realized 15 yards more on all irons, Twenty five more on my driver. My pleasure of golf has doubled and my confidence has raised.. You can find this book on Google. Name is Logan Ballοyshot
    With thanks

  22. Greg Linnell says:

    I have always been coached to not straighten my right leg. I noticed you doing that throughout the video.

  23. Its all about follow through, though….isn't it?

  24. Mike Jarrett says:

    Hi Alistair , thanks for the advice, I've got a fused right ankle and this really helps, but have you "senior iron cheats" or should I try the same thing with irons, where I've lost loads of distance .

  25. K Mc says:

    I also found that placing my right foot further back in my stance about half of my left foot also gives more backswing rotation. This will shorten the follow through but the ball is already gone when that happens.

    I also noticed that you bend the left elbow. I just cant do that and have any control.

  26. Johnny Hicks says:

    I tried this tip today and WOW hit it 20yards further and straighter with much more ease, thanks for a great tip. The older golfer.

  27. PureImpact says:

    Great Tips! Im not yet a senior but getting close and everything helps. Thanks.

  28. Randy Wolf says:

    Great tips for senior golfers from a great golf course!!!! Played there several times and it's a five star track.

  29. roger king says:

    Hi Alistair! Loved this lesson. Can you do one on side bend [side tilt]?

  30. Shaun Taylor says:

    Great tip wil try that later ,any tip for helping players with arthritis , mine is is the fingers 🏌🏻‍♂️

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