Golf Drill Gone Wrong ep.1

The towel golf drill is a fantastic drill to help move your low point forward and get rid of those
fat and thin shots.

However, golfers often find a way to cheat this drill by getting their path to move more out to in which makes it easier to avoid the towel, but creates a new problem in their swing.

Give this golf drill an upgrade by adding a headcover to it just outside and behind the ball to make sure your club path is staying on point while you improve that low point.
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2 Replies to “Golf Drill Gone Wrong ep.1”

  1. Wictor Wong says:

    This dude hasn't broke 110 in 6 years. He teaches out at the Walmart on route 10

  2. That is a new take on golf videos, I like it, most golfers are probably changing or doing something wrong in their swing in order to make the drill work without even realizing it. I would like to see more. Thank you.

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