Golf Match with Salim from Nelk


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41 Replies to “Golf Match with Salim from Nelk”

  1. Vizirz says:

    Salon blatantly ignores a college golfers reads multiple times when they're right

  2. Trenton W says:

    Damn Salim, those earrings gay as hell. Shouldve slung one big one.

  3. Vida Leon says:

    i love this man i really do thank you Garrett bringing this kid back he is awesome 😂

  4. Thing is Garrett has gotten worse at golf, don’t know why he thinks he can keep beating people. He hasn’t gotten better just standing water 😊

  5. Keep it up Rick! Looking forward to more videos on the channel

  6. Ballum says:

    Salmi high as a kite

  7. Trapz says:

    Garrett and AJ best duo ever love watching them

  8. Robby Proto says:

    putts generally break towards the water because almost always, water is the lowest part of the course. Mountains are the opposite, generally the highest point.

  9. Ian Crispen says:

    Also i like how no matter how much Salim chirps, Garrett is rooting for him and has really good sportsmanship, that’s what golf is about. Great job Garrett, you know what this game is all about and I love it

  10. Ian Crispen says:

    Salim needs to learn to beat a player by playing great, not winning by them playing bad. Golf is a gentleman sport. It always feels better to win when I know I played amazing, rather i feel indifferent when winning against someone playing bad that day. Great video, but bro needs to learn

  11. This man salim is FRIED.

  12. Rival Tags says:

    Salims backswing should be a crime

  13. Rival Tags says:

    Salim sucks lmao. Guy thinks he’s some protege

  14. Hole two.

    Salim "he's gunna miss it"

    G- "I don't think sooooO"

    G- sinks 15 footer

    Me- smh 😂what a bad motherfucker

  15. Salami is grate at casting

  16. Matt Lara says:

    GM is like a casual menace to golf lol

  17. RowdyReamz says:


  18. I know its funny and all but don't associate with degenerates like salim bro, Ik you're a christian Garret, stay true to the spirit. "Bad company corrupts good character" Corinthians 15:33

  19. JDUBSKI says:

    If salim wasn’t on I guarantee you he wouldn’t have that blonde in the cart

  20. Tyrone Jones says:

    27:12 you can feel it on the video that horse teeth was saying “ boy get this crud off my leg “

  21. Tyrone Jones says:

    26:22 y’all sharing your partner’s pump doll ?

  22. Tyrone Jones says:

    13:56 I bet the house your thinking about fried chicken

  23. Garrett we need you to play the new Wynn course in Vegas!!

  24. Milkslayer69 says:

    I thought he had like 2 3 mil so underrated garret

  25. Spain Scott says:

    Salim claimed one night his handicap was a 4. We had a golf net outside and watched him swing and miss twice

  26. Jos watson says:

    salim be the worst type of person to play with

  27. Keanu Revees says:

    golf is getting more and more popular

  28. Bret Logan says:

    Im already over AJ…no lie

  29. MusicBoy 16 says:

    "Anything for the golf ball!" -AJ 2023

  30. MusicBoy 16 says:

    Amazing match guys! Salim, you got way better since last video, keep up the good work!

  31. badbilly429 says:

    Encroaching on that 1 million mark let’s go!

  32. These boys are all high as hell 😂

  33. Big fan of the chip selection.

  34. Salim was high as shit 😂

  35. Jack Helsdon says:

    Love salami and Bobbyboy

  36. BOS Voltz says:

    i have never disliked someone more than AJ

  37. Can we acknowledge that AJ kinda looks like Kyle from Nelk

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