Golf or football? Who’s your team? #golf #golfer #golfplayer #golflife #golferlife

28 Replies to “Golf or football? Who’s your team? #golf #golfer #golfplayer #golflife #golferlife”

  1. Those are great tosses !! Power arm !!

  2. David Baker says:

    Steelers fan here!

  3. Sam Peters says:

    Ay at least Sabrina worries about her dad seeing her not throw a football well. Most of these girls got worse things their dad sees. So respect 🫡

  4. Tell Pete he’s a “bad dad”, especially forcing you to like the Jets!!😂

  5. CVBigTex says:

    Cowboys, Longhorns. You should have punted that would had been very entertaining 😎🇺🇸🤘

  6. Your form is great !!

  7. Try foot golf next time

  8. Your dad is a smart man! J E T S Jets Jets Jets

  9. Elbert Brock says:

    Stick to Golf Go Cowboys.

  10. M. Jones says:

    Damn put that Extraordinary lower half into those throws, fire them hips😊

  11. Yes stick with golfing

  12. divin dave says:

    LOL. This is hilarious!

  13. Bill Paris says:

    No offense, but if this real you're actually averaging about 37 yards per throw, which would be pretty amazing!!

  14. Well I think you should have the new Jets qb on your channel. We loved him for years in the Midwest.

  15. Let’s go Birds!!! 🦅

  16. Butch O says:

    You are a trip. 😆

  17. I am willing to bet your dad would be disappointed in you regardless. Gauranteed you are a thot with men.

  18. Til Dickson says:

    😂🥰 GOOD TRY .

  19. MJ Karwal says:

    Did you rake the bunker?! 🤯😱😖

  20. marque2127 says:

    Ohio football fan. Browns, Bengals, and Buckeyes. Nice arm. For an extra challenge, try kicking it next time.

  21. robert barr says:

    Your amble is beyond confident and sexy.

  22. You play golf and can toss the football.. perfect woman😅

  23. AzChile Head says:

    Nice arm!! I'm impressed with the technique. Here We Go!! Go Steelers!!!

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