SCORING in GOLF EXPLAINED using a whiteboard animation/explanatory video. Hope it helps in understanding how the golf scoring system works.
Extending on the HOW TO PLAY GOLF series, I also thought let me cover the GOLF BASICS like SCORING IN GOLF.

A few of my friends new to golf mentioned that they would not understand the scoring system in golf when the watched it on TV. And that’s when it hit me , that for most of us our first introduction to golf would happen by watching golf on television.
I would like to highlight that I have used the “Stroke Play” format which is the most common format you find in golf tournaments as an example. Also I have not considered the effect of handicap/stroke index to the outcome of the results. This video gives a simple explanation of how scores are kept and interpreted in golf.
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I want as many people as possible to give golf a try and find out first hand what an awesome game this is.

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26 Replies to “GOLF SCORING EXPLAINED | GOLF BASICS | Golf Tales by Savio Almeida”

  1. Do let me know in the comments if this video has helped you understand the golf scoring better! Take care and stay safe everybody!

  2. Great explanation but annoyed by the background noise

  3. TA L. says:

    Excellent video! I am a beginner golfer…only a few months into it. Love it and am obsessed! I found your video super easy to understand and will share it to my golf friends who are new like me! New subbie. Watching in Nova Scotia, 🇨🇦

  4. eldiablo says:

    Finally, I understand. This is the only video that made me really understand the scoring

  5. I take a golf class online every wednesday my golf sir was explaining scoring but his connection was very poor so I was confused so I watched this video.

  6. You made it easy for me to understand .good job tnx

  7. You video is really great. I want to more
    Can you pls make me understand more about score calculation
    We can Skype
    Pls really needed

  8. Thank you very much☺️☺️

  9. Thanks! cheers to Aditi Ashok from India

  10. Who is here after Aditi Ashok ओलम्पिक game

  11. Thank you, now I can enjoy golf at Olympics

  12. dilbar rawat says:

    Excellent presentation

  13. Now i understand GOLF… ;)))

  14. Esbi says:

    Hello, thanks a lot. You explained the best from among the videos I have watched so far. Now, I understand. Thank you very much.

  15. Kiran Rayala says:

    Can u pls explain stroke index and how to find out players handicap and calculate on individual basis ?

  16. very well explained!!

  17. Very informative video.i got lot of knowledge

  18. Very great video! Thank you for taking the time to explain this!

  19. Ryvnn M says:

    Thank youuuuu, now i totally got it 😀😀

  20. Nice video. Can you do a video explaining the different golf clubs and the usage?

  21. Rahul Bajaj says:

    Awesome Savio. Good stuff!!

  22. Is Golf ⛳ for left handed.. I am sure it will be very difficult to start for a left handed like me…

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