Good Good Golf Ball Review! How BAD are They?

The new Good Good Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Balls. How do they compare to the Titleist ProV1x?
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22 Replies to “Good Good Golf Ball Review! How BAD are They?”

  1. It’s just a chrome soft x

  2. Only for looers and pathetic fanboys

  3. James Rogers says:

    Whats the point of reviewing this when its literally a chrome soft x? This is kinda pointless unless you're reviewing the colors they used

  4. Why is are these balls being treated as if they are a new product?? It’s literally just different colors. Would anyone review a black Honda Accord vs a White Honda Accord? All these guys have GG so far down their throat they can’t breathe.

  5. Michy Lee says:

    Doesn’t matter they’re going in the water anyways

  6. Nick Craciun says:

    Good Good is super annoying to me, Bubbie seems like a decent human, but the channel is just really annoying youtuber content that happens to be golf, I dont like the style of these large youtube channels theyre annoying as hell.

  7. Big Johny says:

    Great marketing by callaway
    Get rid of Mickelson and give some YouTubers free clubs

    More exposure less money

  8. Jon Whiley says:

    Why does Gallaway need Good Good Golf? They already have these golf balls, so just slap a different color and put a GG on them? Of all the YouTube channels to add, Good Good was the choice?

  9. CoachSully44 says:

    It's not a new ball… It's a ChromeSoft X with a GG skin.

  10. Ed Krisiak says:

    Yeah they sold out FAST!!!

  11. Scott Storm says:

    Clickbait title as everyone knows they are the same ball just different paint.

  12. The CEO of Good Good is this guys best friend, so dont expect an unbiased, honest review.

  13. Theyre just stamped Chrome Soft….Nothing different, nothing new

  14. E T says:

    We all know this is just marketing/branding. A real comparison would obviously be to compare them to the original Chrome Soft X to show that there is no difference. Or you could just compare Chrome Soft X to Pro V1…

  15. Alex Lee says:

    In my trackman settings you can select premium ball, so I thought it didn’t matter what golf ball you actually used or am I wrong? Like I thought you couldn’t “test” balls on indoor trackman?

  16. Chuck Palmer says:

    For me I do not get having a Chrome Soft X with a Good Good logo. Just the Chrome Soft X is just fine.

  17. Don Bell says:

    Good Good guys are goofs

  18. Greg Davis says:

    They are literally the Callaway Chrome Soft X ball with different paint. They play the same as those balls. We can easily find Chrome Soft x vs ProV1x reviews all over YouTube.

  19. Vavavoom says:

    I don’t understand. Testing logo on balls now? What even is good good?

  20. Tobias Ball says:

    Consistently solid content.

  21. Keiran Evans says:

    Pointless video 😅

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