Goodbye SCOTTY CAMERON?! This is the BEST Putter of 2023?!

Are these the best putters of 2023? Are they better than the Scotty Cameron Putters!

TaylorMade TP Reserve Putters 2023

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25 Replies to “Goodbye SCOTTY CAMERON?! This is the BEST Putter of 2023?!”

  1. Mugz_14 says:

    Brilliant video as always mate and i totally agree with the head cover like, you want it to stand out for what it is ie scotty Cameron head cover is in your face and you know your partner is using one so with these new TM putter they needed a in your face he’s cover to match what’s underneath it

  2. Doesn't matter , there all just to exspensive, Scotty, mizuno,Taylor, callaway , all of them , its getting ridiculous the price of golf clubs

  3. TayTas44DD says:

    Would love to see you review some Lab golf putters 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 love the content!

  4. AL R says:

    We want 100K!

  5. DuTcH_-●- says:

    Come on really people almost 50% aren't subscribed!!! LET'S HELP AL OUT!!! He's by far the most genuine person in the golfing YouTube space. Lovin the Putters, next on the list to check out. Those headcovers need some help for sure.Thanks, Al for the reviews.

  6. Believe it or not, we watched Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind last month….on purpose! That movie still has legs! Was fun — like watching Alex putt! I'm not too impressed with the Taylor Made look here. But always impressed w Alex's content! Love you at Holywood!

  7. Robert Reed says:

    Crackin video mate

  8. Steve Smith says:

    Tooo blinking expensive. There r older putters out there that r great for around $100.

  9. Dutch says:

    The only requirement I have for a putter is can you pick up the ball with the back of it without bending down.

  10. Odyssey will be in the bag from now till infinity

  11. MrBogieboy01 says:

    I never understood the scotty draw… i have tried em, they honestly feel the same as a cheap blade to me… maybe i am not good enough to feel the difference? Love the feel of my oddesey white steel 3 ball srt though… gonna take a heck of a putter for me to pull that club from my bag…

  12. Yo Sneed says:


  13. I’ll take a LAB Link.1 over both any day. First putter to actually advance putter technology in decades.

  14. Mike PXG says:

    If its like most TM putters the finish will wear of in 6 months but by then there will be a TP reserve carbon plus anyway……🧐

  15. They look gorgeous! The names are horrendous, much like many vehicle names today… LR4, CX5, Q7…🤮

  16. Big Johny says:

    The problem with these scotty wanna be is the 2nd hand market
    Scotty camerons hold their value

    Other stuff never does

  17. Alan Rutland says:

    Great review Al. When you going to play 18 holes. I could do with 45 minutes of fun. I really do t understand why people watch and don’t subscribe. You have one of the very best you tube channels out there.

  18. Mythos Golf says:

    I love the look of them!
    Thanks again for inspiring me to start my YouTube channel!

  19. Joe Kimpton says:

    Doesn’t really matter what putter it is, I’m still guna 3 putt a birdie look 😂😂

  20. Curt Chaffee says:

    Mizuno M-Craft nicked the look, feel and balance of the Scotty and now TM has nicked everything from M-Craft. My M-Craft IV is the best feeling, most forgiving putter I have ever run and it looks amazing in the white Satin. So I won't throw too many stones at the obvious pilferage.

  21. loohall says:

    These look very similar to the Mizuno M-Craft putters 🤔

  22. Goblenator says:

    Just get a Piretti and be done with it

  23. Dave AD says:

    I actually tried that slotback B-31 Reserve in my local golf store. Absolutely deadly, simply fit my eye on set up. Nice sound as well. If there’s one drawback, it’s the cheap stock grip- a similar issue that Camerons have.

  24. DaCatalyst says:

    These closeups! 😂😂😂

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