Have A Count To Never Rush Your Downswing Again #shorts #golfswing #golf #ericcogorno


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6 Replies to “Have A Count To Never Rush Your Downswing Again #shorts #golfswing #golf #ericcogorno”

  1. Randy Cooper says:

    Not only does a "count" help (that's a "tempo" thing), but I have always told people to develop a "hummm" …at a certain "pitch" which represents the "intensity" in/at which you are "going after" the ball. A lower pitched hummm is less intense…a higher pitch hummm is more intense. While on the driving range, & you find yourself hitting the ball very well, ASSIGN THAT INTENSITY AT WHICH YOURE SWINGING, A SOUND/HUMMM IN YOUR MIND. It doesn't have to be outload, your mind can do this: You can think of ..and hear your favorite song in your head right now ..without making a sound. The "pitch" of that hummm in your head is just as easy to recall as your favorite song. That hummm will be a reminder (while on the course playing) as to the intensity at which you ..guess what? ..hit the ball very well! This takes little to no practice ..just …do it for one practice session & it becomes ingrained. (It's not like you have to learn a whole song …just a one note/pitch hummm) I developed this technique myself & have used it for decades. It "reigns me in" when things start going sideways due to "overswinging" (which we all do sometimes). I ask myself, just what "pitch" of a "hummm" are you swinging at? You'll find yourself screaming at yourself in your mind. Nope ..that ain't it ..calm down cowboy! Do this one time on the range ..it'll help you for life.

  2. Great tip. The desire to rush and ‘hit’ the ball is my kryptonite. Your tips about breathing, loose arms, and 4-count really do work. I keep coming back to them. I find practicing your method WITHOUT A BALL helps me get the cadence right. Whereas something about the ball sitting there triggers me and causes me to rush. Maybe that’s because amateurs such as myself rarely hit the ball purely, so subconsciously we try to hit the ball harder to compensate for non-flush contact. It’s ass backwards thinking, I know, but maybe that’s what causes rushing.

  3. Both 3 and 4 are at the end of your finish.

  4. T Z says:

    How do you stay loose and relaxed while locking out your arms at address? Should I not be fully hinging them?

  5. K Chong says:

    Fully agreed that maintaining the right tempo will make swing more consistent and impact better. Just to clarify what is your breathing pattern when you are actually hitting the ball? Do you hold your breath or inhale (1,2) and exhale (3,4)?

  6. Rushing my swing is what always messes me up. Particularly with my driver. When I slow down, I hit it 290 with a draw. When I don't pace myself, I hit it 250 yards to the right.

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