He looks so different not in character! #goodgood #golf #drdisrespect #gmgolf

39 Replies to “He looks so different not in character! #goodgood #golf #drdisrespect #gmgolf”

  1. Mike Holmes says:

    Can't even make it to the green… lol

  2. Jordan K says:

    His swing looks painful

  3. Hahaha they think he’s not in character yeah it’s the other way around.

  4. Little chicken wing there doco

  5. What could be better than hitting birds with the two time

  6. Luke F says:

    Is this full video on YouTube?

  7. Imagine how far he hits driver when he catches it, bro is 6’ 8”

  8. NoseyDaveman says:

    Definitely not pure but not bad.

  9. Nade is like “only 2 weeks a month? I play more than that and not even half your skill” 🤣

  10. BamaShanks says:

    This is his character. The two time is his real identity.

  11. Jesus Doc is an absolute chad unit

  12. Alpha Omega says:

    Meh good good is alright. Be sweeter if he played with Bob does sports.

  13. Erik Clark says:

    It’s extremely stiff, not very athletic. But if he is quite new to golf that makes sense.

  14. I mean steep as fuck but …

  15. imZman35 says:

    Doc needs to be a little looser going through the ball. Hands and arms were too close to his body but definitely a solid swing.

  16. 865354hayden says:

    What tf is the two time doing with that blonde shit

  17. blue_cone337 says:

    The second one was better

  18. Bro bleached his hair lmao. No doc…

  19. ckpizzle says:

    not really lol but ok

  20. I wouldn't say pure but not bad

  21. Bro sad Nade isnt getting any love. Thats my boy

  22. Trey Burnett says:

    I always wondered what his hair looked like

  23. The doc and GOOD GOOD on the same tee!! EPIC

  24. Idk bout pure but nice

  25. l8Os says:

    Working 2 weeks a month. And your work is to just golf a little bit with your friends.

    That’s crazy.

  26. Feldubb says:

    Nade needs to slow down his backswing, holy bad rhythm

  27. Feldubb says:

    I mean, neither is “pure”, but not terrible.

  28. Holy shit, I didn't even recognize him.

  29. George Allee says:

    His swing isn’t bad tbh

  30. The Correan says:

    Who is the second guy that tees off?

  31. Matt Caesar says:

    Garret hiring me lol ill make yal look better too

  32. Luke Crowell says:

    The Two-Time with the NOCTA mock turtleneck. Love it

  33. Nobody says:

    It’s the 2-time!

  34. What video is this from? I have to watch the full thing.

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