Hedge Fund Tips with Tom Hayes – VideoCast – Episode 197 – July 27, 2023

16 Replies to “Hedge Fund Tips with Tom Hayes – VideoCast – Episode 197 – July 27, 2023”

  1. thanks again Tom! You’re a blessing for the markets! ❤

  2. I am new here and thanks for all this important and free information. I knew about you because of The David Lin Report.

  3. New subscriber. You’re amazing! Appreciate the episode.

  4. Mony Khiev says:

    Just finishing the video cast. Always looking forward to these. Thanks for the effort that you put in each week. Really appreciate it!

  5. Paul Smith says:

    Thanks Tom, love seeing happy kids!

  6. Brian M. says:

    Is Alibaba still your highest allocation and highest conviction trade?

  7. patrick says:

    Thanks, Tom. The video cast is always engaging and truly makes markets fun…can’t say the same when I read the economist!!!

  8. Finn Duggan says:

    Hope you're right about my loonies! Thanks for the tips Tom! Learning a lot and really enjoying the video-casts.

  9. Tom thanks; valuable information

  10. look forwars to these every week

  11. Thank you Tom! It is really reassuring that I had similar thoughts on many companies before watching your videos! What do you think about Kohl's and Lumen? Have a good day!

  12. Itay Naaman says:

    Thanks, Tom! I don't know what's more amazing, us the watchers becoming the superinvestors of Thomas hayes or watching mimi's journey to the Olympics 😅

    I can't stress how much I appreciate the response and will stick to equity as you suggest. I accidentally sent this question twice, so I hope you don't get it next cast.

    Anyway, I hope you and the family have an awesome weekend!

  13. Raman says:

    Great video Tom any thoughts on Estée Lauder or Brookfield corporation?

  14. Love my loonies. Thanks again

  15. Kayla Smith says:

    Chipotle experience all too true around Texas too. Usually wrong orders, out of ingredients, or undercooked food. The locations can vary alot in quality.

  16. Greggy B says:

    Always insightful Tom thank you

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