Here’s Why You Don’t Mess With The Queen’s Guard

The Queen’s guard is no regular job. We showed you in the last video what it takes to be a Queen’s Guard, including how they …


49 Replies to “Here’s Why You Don’t Mess With The Queen’s Guard”

  1. Уже больше 200 лет этой форме могли бы и сменить на современую военую.

  2. Вот если они были в современое обмуньдирование одеты . Тоо)) люди бы ? Боялись подойти ? А так их принемают за шутов 😂😂 за праздничных клоунов .

  3. Выстовачные музейные войска 😂😂 18 века.

  4. These can fight real I reckon, probably best remain anonymous if can

  5. Sasa Su says:

    But honestly I wish I could push someone who is in my way like they did 😂

  6. Connecte says:

    I find, on the part of these guards, stupid this way of overplaying their roles of guards in front of simple tourists, certe sometimes stupid, completely disarmed.

  7. Anne Sitarek says:

    Hey, 3k £ per month is really not that bad.


  9. Jenni L says:

    They are serving soldiers and take full tours of duty in theatres of war such as Afghanistan and Iraq. While some are serving as guards, others are in active service, in rotation. Don't for a moment believe they can join one of the several regiments who take on guardsmen roles and so avoid active service overseas. They do both.

  10. Rizki AQA says:

    All soldier is not a decoration for tourist vacation.

  11. Mysterio says:

    The Royal Guards do not carry loaded weapons all the time, they most of the time only carry bayonets. That of which they will stab you with if needed.

  12. David Kofod says:

    They litterally have royal immunity.. Dont mess with them

  13. ANONYMOUS says:


  14. All that money to uphold a useless monarchy.

  15. When you lose your glove, you take that loss instead of "I'm more important"

  16. Tourist, are stupid, everywhere.

  17. Simon Lloyd says:

    It is an absolute disrespect to my country and to our armed forced when ignorant, uneducated tourists usually from lesser countries attempt to ridicule or humiliate our soldiers.

  18. KINGS guard now
    I love it when idiots get smacked in the face. Keep back teats.

  19. Fiona fifi says:

    I love watching these. Stupid Entitled Americans.

  20. Tree tree says:

    Respected to all of them 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧

  21. aflaz says:

    I think the cops with the assault rifles are the real guards. The Queens or Kings guard are likely more a trophy guard these days!

  22. Wu Lung says:

    Put up signs to advise the public and/or the guards behind the fences. This is ridiculous.

  23. Gary Owens says:

    Loved the way one of them smacked that guy in the mouth.

  24. Why repeatedly include the one hitting a member of the public?.. this isn’t even a guard, it was a well recorded social experiment by a bunch of idiots. He’s not even wearing a proper uniform… more like a fancy dress outfit. 🙄

  25. question. you gonna change the title to 'king's guard'?

  26. regisrar18 says:

    My uncle was a guard. As a teenager I went to see him on duty one afternoon and even though he knew me, I was treated just like anyone else. I got too close. I soon knew about it.

    Later that night he came to see me and I thought he was going to say sorry for pushing me away like he did. Instead I got a right mouthful and since that day I've always had respect for these guys.

  27. Luke Anthony says:

    I would have a hard time not using my gun people are crazy. I probably knock people out with it and have my house biting people keep it up I'm shooting and my house be kicking

  28. Gregor Man says:

    I hate idiot tourists.

  29. will friar says:

    a man's home is his castle! if you can't put a moat around your house! armed guards everywhere then you're going to have to protect yourself. that's what that second amendment pain in the asses about. hey why are you using the mcclusky's do you have permission to use their image. you should have to pay royalties. they were defending their Castle their Castle in their gated community! how many other people had weapons that day. people in the mob had guns. I guess they were mostly peaceful!

  30. Fake Bandit says:

    The guns are not loaded, don't say that they are.

  31. Lord Eden says:

    Regiments not battalions.
    And if a Guard smiles of fools around he gets a heavy fine.

  32. Bro if u tell the royal guards why does England not play chess because they have no queen you finna get a death wish

  33. twopacfan says:

    All those dead bears slaughtered for those ridiculous headwear

  34. What the F…was that guy doing touching the guard inappropriately 😂

  35. 1951RKP says:

    Most of these people have never had the discipline to be part of the Queens Guard. Dude to their lack of discipline just to be a respectful tourist it makes the Guards duties harder. I’m sure more than one has wanted to do to a tourist what the one in this video did and knock the idiot out. Before you visit educate yourself on the customs then respect them. If you don’t then you deserve to be stomped on.

  36. Diane says:

    How utterly thick some tourists are

  37. Stephanie says:

    Gosh I didn't know they carried loaded guns

  38. Twm Lloyd says:

    That clown walking alongside the guard marching, no respect at all

  39. Morticia147 says:

    The amount of stupid these guards have to deal with is mindblowing and also the fact how many people obviously think that they are tourist act. How dumm and ignorant can you be…

  40. A Blair says:

    The King's Guard are highly trained, elite combat fighters from the British and Commonwealth countries. They are elite senior combat military. Do not mess or insult or muck up. They will take action. RESPECT 🙏

  41. Lorena Sidon says:

    Hahahahahaha nice

  42. Aaron Hare says:

    Queens guard are authorized to use any and all force necessary to carry out their functions.

    They don't care, they will punch you in the face without flinching…and that's being polite!!!

  43. Sbentsen27 says:

    100% Bear skin that's badass 🔥👌🏼
    Lol these animal rights activists can go kick rocks

  44. Kings guards should be treated with the utmost respect. I'm proud of your service and dedication

  45. The grenadier guards also not only guard the bukingham palace but also operate in multiple warzones.

  46. The other common mistake is that people say they have multiple battalions but in fact, the grenadier guards are made up of 1 single battalion and 1 company. The other places where you see guards in red tunics beside bukingham palace are either the coldstream or welsh guards which have different duties an guarding locations.

  47. Here is a common people say: 'They carry loaded firearms'. They don't, the Grenadier Guards are not given fully loaded firearms whilst at Wellington Barracks at the palace, there are bayonets put over the barrel which gives away the fact that they are not loaded.

  48. Culling bears so the Queens' guards can wear their fur/skin in a hat is just abominable. But expected.

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