He's been a lot better with his chipping though! #goodgood #golf #funnygolf

8 Replies to “He's been a lot better with his chipping though! #goodgood #golf #funnygolf”

  1. Jake House says:

    Idk how you can play so much and be that bad with a wedge 😂😂😂😂

  2. Bubbie is the goat of tee flipping.
    He’s crazy😳

  3. James Perrie says:

    Would’ve been even funnier if his was the tee flip choice. 😂😂

  4. OOZU - MAKI says:

    Garrett ofc coming thru w the sauce right after

  5. Jacob Tai says:

    He needs to lean forward through impact so he doesn’t chunk it. You can see that when he hit it he kinda popped up a little which meant he only used his arms and the club stopped so he needed to use his legs to keep the weight on his front foot so he can’t pop up. The point is put weight on your front foot through impact and keep your head down

  6. Trey Burnett says:

    I'm the opposite of this, I play so badly I can't even celebrate a good shot 🤣

  7. The "good shot" from Matt in the background killed me

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