He's Been Pooping in Golf Holes for 10 YEARS #shorts

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44 Replies to “He's Been Pooping in Golf Holes for 10 YEARS #shorts”

  1. wizard says:

    Girls: key your car

  2. TeleportJab says:

    If there is a hole there's a goal.

  3. PYnerd says:

    What a shitty person

  4. Most devious norwegian

  5. 100% an employee at the golf course

  6. *Silly Cat* says:

    This Serial Popper is better than any Serial Killer he has never been caught even at the end of the video

  7. Natal says:

    imagine its one of the workers

  8. UrBoiDeiba says:

    that privacy law sounds so dumb

  9. Pixel_Tree says:

    just have somebody gaurd the place overnight.

  10. zRO says:

    So we got "Jack The Ripper" and the "Zodiac Killer" and now we got "The Golf Serial Pooper"

  11. Himal says:

    a legendary pooper! ๐Ÿ˜‚

  12. o says:

    Its bot feces its faeces

  13. Mecrowove says:

    One hole to another

  14. School lunches instead of Reese's pieces sell feces pieces

  15. tacobell made him a new show in netflix being the top 1 crime investigative show ๐Ÿ’€

  16. The holes shall fill๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  17. Le Verite says:

    Too big to be a girl's? Well some girls i know are a huge piece of shit so…

  18. mrivera304 says:

    That guy must be doing the doo doo wiggle wiggle long pants hole shoot instead of squatting.

  19. This is so easy to solve. He is leaving enough behind to collect a DNA profile. Additionally a light band of black light glow powder could be sprinkled around the hole before closing to give direction of leaving. I have other ideas; hire me golf course I will stop this in 6 months without camera.

    Based upon psychology, Iโ€™m profiling this as an ownership stamp. Possibly a former or a current older employee of golf course, or someone that has close relational ties to the original land.

  20. KanyonX says:

    They call him the peepeepoopoo man you won't be laughing when he gets you

  21. they can just send the feces to the police and get his DNA. its just what i assume is possible

  22. How about hiding a motion activated spray paint can under the plastic net that catches the golf ball?

  23. Cuddles says:

    He's jack the ripper but only poops

  24. I hope this becomes an American trend that George Carlin would be proud of.

  25. Talkin about hole in one

  26. It was the pooping bandit

  27. Chickenninja says:

    Imagine you score a hole in one and you take out your ball and its brown ๐Ÿ˜‚

  28. Hva i hรฆlvette er dette

  29. Jellin 360 says:

    Gotta check your holes man.

  30. Marstario says:

    What a crappy dude

  31. Shower thoughts… We are all serial poopers… Also Im female and I can take some pretty dank ass shits

  32. J Lit says:

    If he had cereal for breakfast than heโ€™s a serious serial cereal pooper

  33. Kp One says:

    Is it prob a homeless guy

  34. Lizathla says:

    They should have security guards day and night

  35. Serial killers are no match for the serial shitter

  36. Wizard246 says:

    Why did I think of this?
    โ€œHole-y Shitโ€

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