Hi At 9 News : Monday July 31st, 2023

Welcome to High at Nine News.

With your hosts, Jason Beck & Rico Lamitte, joined by industry correspondents and daily antics from around the country.

We talk about important topics, shining light on global issues and discussing cannabis as it relates to: Politics, Regulation & Reform. Data & Technology. Science Research & Medicine. Family & Parenting. Art, Celebs & Entertainment. Fitness, Sports, Mental Health & Wellness, Plant Based Medicines & Entheogens. Together we are building a stronger community, fighting the stigma & creating change.

Coming to you live Monday through Friday at 9 AM Pacific time and High Noon on the East Coast. Thank you for getting High at 9 with us!

Rico Lamitte
Jason Beck
Gretchen Gailey
Chris Eggers
Manndie Tingler
Mathieu St. Germain

Today is World Ranger Day, National Avocado Day, National Mutt Day and National Raspberry Cake Day.

Cannabis firms Cresco, Columbia Care to terminate $2 bln merger

High hopes? Medical cannabis plant in Uruguay closes as industry falters

Schumer Touts ‘Good Progress’ On Marijuana Banking Bill, Saying It Has ‘Always Been A Priority For Me’

Laguna Woods City Council approves cannabis dispensary ordinance

State cannabis competition sees fewer entries. Could this signal a collapsing industry?

Psychedelics Companies Could Look Different by End of Biotech Rout


5 Replies to “Hi At 9 News : Monday July 31st, 2023”

  1. Thank you for the show !! Catch you live on Thursday

  2. Off site events even in the restaurant industry are becoming a financial burden . We don’t do as many as we used to . For us it’s at least 2k once you consider all costs ( usually more ) . we need to generate at least 3x the money we spent on the event in new biz to make it worthwhile

  3. Gonna have laguna woods gangs rollin on the mobility scooters wreaking havoc 😂

  4. Wow ! Stabbings 😂😊

  5. Europe is gonna want California weed not Uruguay if we would just get our shit together

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