High Handicap Golf MASTERS Bunker Shot With Simple Technique

If you’re looking to improve your bunker shots, just like Dan, then you need to learn how to simplify the bunker shot. In this video, we’ll show you a simple technique that will help you get your ball out of the green side bunker first time, every time!!

This High Handicap Golf MASTERS Bunker Shot with Simple Technique is a great way to start improving your golf game. With this shot, you’ll start saving shots quickly and getting your handicap down. So what are you waiting for? Learn how to make the bunker shot easy and not something to worry about!

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7 Replies to “High Handicap Golf MASTERS Bunker Shot With Simple Technique”

  1. Great video. But correct me if I'm wrong. You can actually have a practice swing in a bunker, but not the one you ball is in

  2. TJVBham says:

    Perhaps it's the camera angle, but Dan looks to be playing the ball way forward with a still open stance. However, Ali does not?

  3. More teaching videos like this! Would love to see one demonstrating chipping techniques around the green.

  4. Len S says:

    Dude stop cleaning you club after every swing, your hitting many balls in the bunker in a lesson, with a great teacher.

  5. As John and TonyH have already commented here, Dan, you need to pay attention mate! Ali said to set up just inside your left heel, NOT opposite your big toe, then with the next shot opposite your second toe, then…you get the idea?! His set up isn’t great. Needs work. But then again he is a high handicapper. Practice before a round is always worthwhile and even on days when you’re not going to play.

  6. Craig Haslam says:

    You can test the sand in another bunker on course if in comp, (i.e the bunker next to the one your ball is on). See Gary martins new video on rules, as long as your not holding up play.

  7. Jon H. says:

    Dan keeps setting up with the ball on his left toe rather than left heel.

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