Highlights: DeChambeau wins with historic Sunday 58 | LIV Golf Greenbrier

All the best highlights from Bryson DeChambeau’s record-breaking final round at LIV Golf Greenbrier.

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23 Replies to “Highlights: DeChambeau wins with historic Sunday 58 | LIV Golf Greenbrier”

  1. djmohab2 says:

    Bully stooge Rory crying in his Weetabix and fellow bully stooge JT getting ready to not play in the FedEx Cup. Thought LIV Golf members were all just washed up and looking for money?

  2. koiun dwrru says:

    AMAZING! Way to go Bryson!!!!

  3. Would love to know what the specs of that Krank driver are? Obviously not for my use, just curious?

  4. conscious22 says:

    5:20 his caddy didn't get excited at all 😂 great round. Kinda wonder about the way he chokes down on his putter and has the shaft/grip braced against his arm. He seems to be finding competitive edges everywhere he can

  5. Soinas Doyi says:

    winning the Chicago Open Golf Championship, a regulation length course, par 74)

  6. Doggy Meat says:

    A 58… with a bogey! Wow!

  7. Rolf Robert says:

    Got to give him a load of plaudits. He's stuck with the method and trimmed down for more suppleness and really worked the short game. Wonderful results that will change golf for a lot of people.
    Also, Krank Golf will be raking it in !

  8. Imagine he just parred that par 3 8th. A front 9 of all 3s is something to behold!

  9. Buttdreads says:

    Most disliked player on tour

  10. Ptothedog1 says:

    It's easy to play well when you are basically playing a practice round with zero pressure, not really caring and about 11 people watching

  11. Imagine if it wasn’t raining

  12. Israel David says:

    Holy crap that was amazing! WTG Bryson!. 58 with a bogey and a tough lip out. Sheeeeeesh .

  13. Riggz says:

    Jesus 216 yard 9 iron… I’m hitting a 5 wood there 😭

  14. Happy Gilmore accomplished that feat no more than an hour ago.

  15. SliceTwice says:

    Great golf but what hell is this….a music festival?

  16. this is all time legendary, and to think he lipped out for 57

  17. Glentp75 says:

    Quality leader board

  18. Dan Parker says:

    too bad for Buffoon Shamwow that this means nothing more than if it were in a muni club tourney…

  19. Too bad he did it in an exhibition league….

  20. Brilliant performance!

  21. Ivan Lau says:

    Three letters – O…M…G, insane stuff 👍👍

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