We all want to hit the driver further and getting your golf ball tee height correct can help hugely. Many golfers tee the golf ball at the wrong height with driver and it robs them the chance to hit their best drives.
Most of us are aware that we want to strike the ball with the clubhead traveling upwards and striking the ball in the best part of the clubface. The correct tee height can give you the best chance of achieving this.

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  1. Gscop1 says:

    Thanks. Would like to see how T height And the degree of loft on the driver (for us duffers) effects distance assuming we hit up on the ball.

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  3. steve says:

    Decent and very informative. Thank you

  4. Mdrnsamurai says:

    Brilliant insight… Used it "2 3/4"on the range and it's was booming with a slight fade for me. Took it to the course and produced 5 great driver shots outta 6 "miss hit". Thanks again, great content…

  5. John Colley says:

    Could not see your set up from the side on position I've seen your other video as where you say to hit up on the ball but if you stop taking the club up to the ball before you strike it and keep the bottom of the downswing in the middle of your feet you automatically hit up on the ball and need a higher tee? I think your angle of attack on the second strike was because you didnt stick to that discipline which you tell us about in the 40 yds more from your driver vid.

  6. Pink and orange no different

  7. T UNIT says:

    Thought this was a priest giving golf instructions. LOL

  8. A 3 second pause with his mouth open 0:00

  9. Paul Miller says:

    Recently had a lesson with my pro and struggling to hit a consistent drive. Changed my tee height and now has orange tee, has helped me a lot and hit more consistent drives now.,👍👍

  10. old65rocker says:

    Would that apply to my 13 degree Big Bertha with a light shaft? or should I use maybe a shorter tee?

  11. MJAC says:

    I needed this! Great presentation. Thanks!

  12. Greg Linnell says:

    Dumping the TaylorMade driver will help a lot!!!

  13. bill ding says:

    When I tee it when I'm high….Oh, wait. When I tee it high when the….. Oh, yeah . When I sip the highball. No. When The ball is high and I hit it, it goes farther.

  14. This is a great, informative video! A very common question with many of of students. Many tee their driver too low, which makes it very difficult to launch the ball and optimize their ball flight. Thanks!

  15. Thank you so much for this wonderful vid.
    Is the ball position referenced to your front foot matters or the same stance ang position can be applied for all the different tee heights?

  16. Where can you buy these tees at?

  17. Having played one of my worst games of golf in years, in desperation, I tried teeing the ball higher. The difference was instantaneous and consistent. I was suddenly hitting the ball longer and straighter with a launch angle that took my breath away. OK, I know it's only one round but I felt I was consistently hitting up on the ball which was what was giving me the distance and, I believe, greater accuracy. This video makes perfect sense to me.
    I'm now using an 83mm straight tee but the difference in height is equivalent to moving from pink castle tees to orange.

  18. Leo Chang says:

    How about if you hover the club?

  19. OOPS….meant DISTANCE

  20. It's FARTHER….That's the word for DISTANDE, NOT further!

  21. Will Harris says:

    Eh your not even looking at the ball when you hit it haah your supposed to look at the ball whilst hitting it and and keep looking at the same spot for a second after u have hit it

  22. I have found that the distance I can hit the ball out of the Tee Box directly correlates with the amount of alcohol I consume.

  23. Terry Walsh says:

    Too many "guys" and "kinda" in your videos…

  24. What a load of Talk Talk

  25. Thanks fpr thid TIPS

  26. GSawNV says:

    Interesting that the second and third shots show a de-lofted club face from forward shaft lean.

  27. Golf Buddy says:

    Tee it high and let it fly

  28. Bill Malec says:

    Why do all these guys talk with their hands?

  29. LouTheFoot says:

    I feel like this is bull shit :/ tbh

  30. kmasterjoe says:

    I'm going to stop watching instructional videos. I find myself constantly inconsistant in my thinking on the course due to information overload thanks to videos like this. For christ sake just jam a peg in the ground and launch one!!!

  31. which tee would be the best for 9 degree driver?

  32. its true, Im 27 HC
    I was using white tees for a long time
    today I switched to pink tee height and drived 270 yards, my longest
    Ill try orange maybe next year 🙂
    thanks for video

  33. Chef Wax says:

    Would love to see your feedback on the fittings you have done with Titleist 718 AP1, AP2 and AP3.

  34. Very good point. Definitely fits my problem, I hit way too much down on the ball and I will be teeing it up high from now on. Hope the crown doesn't scuff too much in the transition.

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