Hitting Bombs – Driver Swing

16 Replies to “Hitting Bombs – Driver Swing”

  1. Nigel Miller says:

    Chicken wing chicken wings happy in the morning

  2. Chicken Lord says:

    Tat a dispet t0 chckn

  3. Loueptus says:

    As soon as he hit the ball a big firework exploded at the perfect time lol

  4. Incredibly boring

  5. Yourlame says:

    Them chicken legs tho 😂

  6. Well that's an odd technique

  7. Z says:

    I sure hope these bombs weren't real, so they wouldn't explode.

  8. _ AponAK47 says:

    Sub ..hope future more video from Sand and Rough.. btw im lefty

  9. Caden says:

    Sir that a golf ball not a bomb. Want me to bring u a bomb

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