How I'm Preparing for the Good Good Championship

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Big thank you to Good Good for having me in this event.
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Love you guys


31 Replies to “How I'm Preparing for the Good Good Championship”

  1. GDTrading says:

    good stuff man.

  2. i LOVED this video and learned so much about taking my own practice to the next level and would love to see more! Content has been amazing recently!!!

  3. What’s the name of the stretching/mobility aid you use???

  4. Gerihatric9 says:

    Worked at Greyhawk for 2 years. Miss that place!

  5. mike henson says:

    You have been one of my favorite Good Good guest players. Love the attitude and game as well… Hope to see more of you.

  6. Colton says:

    Ben Hadden the Kansas product! Keep killing it!

  7. Good info nice pace . I like all of this

  8. Thomas Young says:

    Greyhawk is awesome, had the pleasure of playing both talon and raptor!

  9. Kyle Day says:

    Loved this video. Great tips to follow and help everyone become a better player!!

  10. Eli G says:

    This the man I am rooting for in the GG T.

  11. Jett Guertin says:

    I learned to much from this video on putting. Thanks Ben 🤙🤙

  12. Chris Meads says:

    Loved seeing this kind of video

  13. utshoez says:

    best way to make a double is to try and make a birdie. damn that hits hard

  14. Chris Perez says:

    What’s up Ben it was a pleasure meeting you yesterday at the Arizona meet up bro you were as cool as you are on video! Thanks for signing the hat! Good luck in the championship!

  15. great content Ben absolutely love seeing your process !

  16. Josh Spicer says:

    Practice, the daily grind, what does it take to really improve your golf game, what should practice/range sessions look like.

  17. Joel Paisley says:

    Great quality video, nice work

  18. Bad bad golf says:

    Wats the 3 biggest keys to hitting ur driver good.

  19. LHSF says:

    Loved the practice. I learned a lot

  20. Love to hear that you’re meditating Ben! It’s an overlooked superpower 🙂

  21. G been working out????

  22. 10:15 ….. 👀 G Rat looking jacked as fuck😂😂

  23. I am always impressed and astounded by a professionals practice. Incredibly deliberate and consistent.

  24. Joseph Wirtz says:

    I learned a lot from this video, thank you Ben!

  25. Chris L W says:

    sub'd good luck Ben!

  26. hammockmonk says:

    Great vibes, Ben. Subbed!

  27. Eric Hurt says:

    I love Grey Hawk, last time I played I shot a 67 but I also love the harder courses in AZ, like Silverleaf……. Love it!

  28. Ron Gonzo says:

    Good luck Ben!

  29. DoggoRonnie says:

    New camera is looking great bro. Also super helpful to see how you structure your practice sessions

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