How I’m saving strokes at Idlewild! | B9 2023 Idlewild Practice Round

Thanks for checking out my Idlewild practice round! I’m really excited to show you how I’m attacking more courses on the 2023 Disc Golf Pro Tour!

Thanks to my friends @GatekeeperMedia for filming and @dynamicdiscs for editing!

Some of my favorite discs:
Signature Collection:
Sockibomb Felons:
Sockibomb Slammers:

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29 Replies to “How I’m saving strokes at Idlewild! | B9 2023 Idlewild Practice Round”

  1. GreatJuju says:

    Good to see Rick with his up and down push putt hot again. This was what made him the champ. Would never miss left or right.

  2. prattacaster says:

    "Straight thru the Y hole" I gotta hand it to Ricky for holding it together after that one😂😂

  3. Roger Nock says:

    I would have expected Ricky to be more of a perfectionist in practice but he seems to give himself a lot of grace knowing that not every shot will be perfect and you don’t have to birdie everything as long as you throw your high percentage shot and make the adjustments while sticking to your game plan.

  4. Ben Bonitz says:

    Is the 54 possible again on this track?

  5. HonduDan says:

    I play Idlewild often. Nothing makes me feel worse about my Idlewild game than watching this video! Good job Rick.

  6. Ryan Barham says:

    That second shot on 18 🤯🤯

  7. Love these videos! To hear his hole break downs is really interesting and I always learn something new!

  8. “I’m putting hyzer on this [disc I could never throw] because it’s going to flip up”. “This [my overstable distance driver] is my roller disc…” Classic Ricky 😂

  9. Will Cazel says:

    that green trespass is too flippy for you rick!

  10. Untouch says:

    Great Videos, thank you Rick! 👏
    you're so good dang.. Wish you the best of luck this week 👌

  11. last 1 min to 45 seconds were black on my version of the back 9??

  12. iLLWiTHiT. says:

    "Luck always runs out eventually, it's not a sustainable strategy" . Danggg. Lol. Ricky getting philosophical. I love it. Good luck at Idlewild Ricky!

  13. Dylan L says:

    Great stuff. This is totally Ricky's zone.

  14. samxyx says:

    Ricky will you Caddy for me at my next tournament? I need this level of Disc Golf knowledge

  15. My favorite disc golfer.

  16. Thank you for the details and nuances of your course management strategies. Your explanation for your second shot on Hole 15 was helpful as you picked a faster disc vs the typical Harp approach due to going uphill… I look forward to trying that.

  17. Erik Green says:

    Effective! Not many understable discs in these breakdowns though… 😏 (Buying a normal fuzion Felon)

  18. jake cook says:

    when will zuca release your cart! id be a buyer for sure!

  19. Mark Gero says:

    I really appreciate all the explaining done on all the shots. I may not execute the shots as shown on this video but having a plan helps.

  20. Matt Klein says:

    Saw Rick for the first time in person at Ledgestone last weekend. The guy was super cool signing autographs and to see him live was unbelievable. He made hole 12 look easy.

  21. B D says:

    Hole 12 looks to have a new pin location…..I know they were clearing out some there but that added to this hole….great job !!

  22. Ron Klumb says:

    Great practice round from my local pro course.

  23. Mike Survant says:

    this course is a shorty the par 4s are in the 500s so is the par 5 Ricky is making this course look easy

  24. Great practice round! I would love to see you throw some DD Raiders on those long holes. 💪🥏

  25. tj gi says:

    there's no video on mine for the last 90 seconds or so, but I can still hear Ricky so it's all good.

  26. Jake Chase says:

    yo this cameraman is on point! edit also top notch! and with these skills this is a true joy to watch.. i friggin love disc golf

  27. brekko says:

    first dgpt event ill be attending this year, cool to hear they upgraded the course from a spectating perspective, cant wait to see it diced up

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